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March 31, 2003

15 Stories They've Already Bungled
Greg Mitchell on war coverage so far

The Brands We Love to Hate
Lowbrow brands are very popular

These are extraordinarily difficult times for civil liberties
ACLU cyberchief Barry Steinhardt is worried about privacy

March 30, 2003

Circle Line Party II
Party on the Tube

Journalist Embedded with Fox News
"I think at first it was weird for them to have a journalist around"

BlogShares: Blog stock market strong buy

Doe v. Snoop Dogg
Re: answering machine message used on "Pimp Slapp'd"

March 29, 2003

Kim Jong Il's LiveJournal

March 28, 2003

Q&A with the DMCA
Kevin Heller gets chatty with the statute

Tufts senior loses award after insult to elder Bush
I guess the alumni with money to donate are the ones they need to placate...

Bootleggers, Roll Your DATs
Wired tunes in to taping

Blog :: Gary Hart
Presidential candidate blogs

Security Scare Closes New York Bridge
No more sitting on a bridge drinking a 40... There go my plans for the weekend.

Early Films of New York, 1898-1906
Thanks, Library of Congress!

Finding an Office in New York City
Joel on software on real estate

March 27, 2003

Morocco offers US monkeys to detonate mine
Morocco has 2,000 monkeys trained to detonate land mines?!?

The Chairman Smiles
Communist propoganda posters from China, Cuba and Soviet Union

Practice to Deceive
Bush hawks playing power politics games

Stop attempting to sell my content
Martin Schwimmer isn't happy with people using his blog posts for commercial gains without his permission.

The Supreme Court Tries Sodomy -- and discovers that Texas is
Dahlia Lithwick covers the oral arguments in Lawrence v. Texas

War News From MTV and People Magazine
"They would be surprised and disappointed if we weren't on this story."

March 26, 2003

Homer Simpson's dream made real
Alcohol powered fuel cell

Use misleading domain name, go to jail?
Which is the intended target: or

RSS search engine

The war is not about oil
The peace, on the other hand...

The Onion Covers the War
Operation Piss off the Planet

March Madness
U.S. and Iraq in the finals (RealVideo from The Daily Show)

Forced bussing in Greenwich
Wonderful piece from the Daily Show's Rob Corddry

Over One-Half of Job Offers in NYC Declined
40% of job seekers got offers. 67% of offers declined.

The Agonist
Sean Paul Kelley, wargregator

Searching the BlogSphere
Search your blogroll

The Saddam Show - How to watch Iraqi TV on the Web.
Paul Boutin explains how in 4 easy steps

Revolution is not an AOL Keyword
You will not be able to stay home, dear Netizen.

March 24, 2003

A Live Report From Baghdad
Nate Thayer writing for Slate

P2P File-Sharers like Porn
42% of all Gnutella search requests are for pornography

It's Just Chicken, Right?
Chicken nuggets are little more than junk food in disguise

March 21, 2003

The Arrogant Empire
should the guiding philosophy of the world’s leading democracy really be the tough talk of a Chicago mobster?

Get Your War On #22
The Coalition of the Willing is about to rock! Thanks, Uzbekistan!

March 20, 2003

National Prosperous Radio -- Mar. 24, 2003
Is NPR doing better than Time's parent, AOL/TW?

BBC Reporters' Log: At war in Iraq
Foreign correspondents blogging

Is the Baghdad Blogger for real?
Probably, according to Paul Boutin

Optimus Prime is heading out to the Middle East with his guard unit
National guardman changed his name to a toy

March 19, 2003

3 Are Accused of Swindling Visitors to Internet Sex Sites
Porn purveyors nabbed for offering not-so-free "free trials"

Justice Bans Media From Free Speech Event
"How free is speech if there are limits to its distribution?"

Overreact much?
Red alert would also tear away virtually all personal freedoms to move about and associate. Fun.

March 18, 2003 We Don't Want It Any More
Apparently America doesn't need political freedom and democracy in 2003

Coping Mechanisms
I'm somewhere between reversion and total immersion...

Fast and Always On
We don' need no steeekin' advanced features.

The Way We Live Now
Tony Judt in The New York Review of Books

The Whole Wide World with Christopher Lydon
Seven part series on globalisation

Subways around the world
Oldie but a goodie

Moscow Metro
In Quicktime VR and photos

Mets win the pennant!
In EA Sports' simulation of the 2003 baseball season

'JEWBAN' to state: Hands off my plate!
A Cuban Jew and his custom license plates

March 17, 2003

Puma gets Bloggered
Photoshop, sneakers, blogs and lawyers

Kevin Sites
Warblogging from Iraq

Jack Balkin: The Die is Cast
Make no mistake: A man who took power illegally is now taking us into war.

File-sharing sites allow trading of porn
I'm shocked! Shocked and.. actually, not at all suprised

March 14, 2003

March 13, 2003

Images of Saint-Petersburg
From the National Library of Russia

Is e-mail private, or in the public domain?
Infoworld's Calrton Vogt on the Laurie Garrett/MeFi thread and email privacy

Clerking for the Supreme Court
A gig with only a slight bit of prestige...

The Brick Apple
NYC in Lego

What's the shelf life of a dissenting opinion?
Read dissents and don't forget to eat a healthy breakfast

Will "French Kiss" Be Next to Go?
More jingoism through the language of food!

The Potatoes Smile; the Fries Are Blue
Mmm...neon-colored salad dressings with names like Purple Pizzazzz and Outrageous Orange

Freedom From Religion -- That Too Is a Right
Newdow on standing up for the rights of atheists

March 12, 2003

Free Wireless on Newbury Street
Thanks to "philanthropic advertising."

See what you're listening to in iTunes

Not quite an Archduke, but close enough...
Serbian premier assassinated

In a world gone mad
In a world gone mad it’s hard to think right

Measuring Lost Freedom vs. Security in Dollars
Civil liberties and privacy may be priceless, but they may soon have a price tag

Vietnam 2, You are cleared to taxi
10. Corrupt Texan in the WH? Check. 11. Land war in Asia? Check.

March 11, 2003

Cleaning the Pool
The entire White House press corps should be herded into a cargo plane, flown to an altitude of 30,000 feet, and pushed out, kicking and screaming, over the North Atlantic.

Don't they have anything better to do?
I could really go for some victory cabbage, too...

SETI@Home success
Screen savers pick out interesting signals for radio telescopes to revisit

WiFi at McDonalds
Not only cheaper, but can include fewer calories than at Starbucks...

March 10, 2003

Tom Friedman at SAIS
in streaming video

CIPA Transcript - USA v. ALA
Courtesy of Skip Auld

Berezovsky v. Forbes Update
Fun with defamation

Everybody to the Limit
Everybody to the limit, everybody come on Fhqwhgads

Caught on Film
Bush rhetoric vs. reality

March 09, 2003

By Popular Vote
Zagat survey rejects

Chelsea's New Job
McKinsey in NYC. The question is: will she live in Chelsea or Clinton?

The Power of the Fourth
NYTMag on the Fourth Circuit

March 08, 2003

Dr Strangeblix
Pacman meets UNMOVIC

March 07, 2003

World of Ends
The Internet is stupid. (That's good.)

March 06, 2003

This giant Chee-to could be a boon to our local economy
It could be a boon to our local economy? A CHEETO?

Bus and Subway Fares Hiked to $2
30 day metrocard to go from $63 to $70

Got a (Legal) Concert Recording? Pass It On
NYT covers Etree and fellow travellers

"No problem" said the Kuwaiti Soldier, "But You're in Very Big
Drew Levinson Reports from the Field, Chapter 6

March 05, 2003

Color change to $20 bills imminent
Green is green with envy

Moog Archives
Full of Moogy goodness

Elvis has left the court
He's a serial litigant

Seven minutes to midnight
Same as 55 years ago

Uncle Sam's dirty tricks?
more "clumsy diplomacy"

Lawyer Arrested for Wearing a 'Peace' T-Shirt
Give Peace a Chance, get arrested

March 04, 2003

Thesis on Parliament-Funkadelic

20 Questions for A Prominent and Prolific Blawgger Whose Focus Is
I wonder who the first subject will be...

Indecent Exposure
Mark Fiore on Bush and those crazy peacenik dissenters

Heart of Gold
Unaired Firefly script

Fanatical Apathy: As Seen in the Ankara Picayune
Diplomacy has never been so profitable!

Click-forward morality
UPI covers the Metafilter Laurie Garrett thread

Netting Information
ABA Journal likes the web-- they really like it!

Uncle Sam Actually Wants Only a Select Few of You
Shocker! The US government only hires qualified applicants

Yale Strike, Day 1
YLS students miss their comfy digs

AOL Aims to Cash In on Instant Messenger Success
How long until AOL holds your IMs hostage?