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April 30, 2003

Bush v. Bush
An honest, open debate

Smut Trading Outstrips Tune Swaps
"It's called greed. We've found a way to monetize that sharing."

How To Make A Telemarketer Cry
or, Suing Bozos for Fun & Profit

Sidle Up to the Bar, but Don't Shimmy or Shake
London has its own restrictive nightlife regulations

Corporate Counsel
Lawyer blogs

Use the force
Star Wars Lightsaber Kid

Fat Kreme Combo
Mmmm... heart attack...

it makes reasonable sense, once you recognize that it's terribly organized.

April 29, 2003

Wi-Fi 'Hotspots' Go Live in Downtown NYC
City Hall Park, Bowling Green Park and Rector Park this week

I like big butts
Baby Got Back

April 28, 2003

Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day
Tuesday, April 29

Rock and roll will never die. It's just being reborn
iTunes 4, iTunes music store, new iPods.

More on Streamcast/Grokster
from Matt Rolls a Hoover

Dog Owners Are Fighting the Yoke of Oppression
Claim that leash law enforcement is not only "arbitrary and capricious" but violates equal protection

Pierre Omidyar's blog
Interesting posts from founder of eBay (and philanthropic Tufts alum)

Let's hear it for copyright!
A WIPO comic book

April 27, 2003

New York Auto Show
coverage from the NYT

Bridge Project
Dave Freider's photos from NY-area bridges

April 26, 2003

Original Electric Mayhem bus
Up for auction at eBay

New York likes Bush?
66% approval in the suburbs and upstate, 46% in NYC

Really personalized advertising
Replace ads with to-do lists

Apple bigwig sells Big Apple pad
Steve jobs sells his CPW penthouse.

Writing in Schools Is Found Both Dismal and Neglected
Me fail English? That's unpossible!

April 25, 2003

Court grants summary judgement for Morpheus and Grokster
P2P applications have significant non-infringing uses

April 24, 2003

What Congress Owes New York
Incoming Brooklyn Law professor argues that Congress is obligated to pay for Operation Atlas

Wilco releases new EP free for owners of YHF
"For the cost of a blank disc, a sheet of paper, a little ink and a little bandwidth, we give you the new Wilco record."

Fun with 311
"Who do I talk to about getting a license to drive a stagecoach?"

Postcards From the Edge
In corporations pushing the boundaries of IP, the lawyers are playing against type

Wacky Uses
for everyday stuff
Links to record labels worldwide

Bill would limit information on Ohio state Web sites
Looks like Thomson and West have good lobbyists

Dude, Where's My Spice Grinder?
College students like to cook

George Bush's Resume
Don't forget: law school reject

April 23, 2003

2003 JVC Jazz Festival New York schedule
June 27 Bryant Park: Christian McBride band & The Bad Plus

she's a flight risk
"memoirs of a post-adolescent, international fugitive"

PETA asks town to change its name
Offers Hamburg officials $15,000 to change the town's name to Veggieburg.

Kamiya vs. O'Reilly
Why weigh a complex argument when you can seize a brief passage from the article, wrench it out of context and draw blood by entirely misrepresenting it?

Baby DMCAs Punish Copy Crimes
Coming soon to a legislature near you

Recording Industry Goes After Students Over Music Sharing
"If one goes down, another comes up."

Can Apple Corner Music Market?
Special event coming next week

Russian History
Lots of links and resources from Bucknell's Russian department.

April 22, 2003

Legal Issues and Emerging Technology
Cory Doctorow's notes on Fred von Lohmann's tutorial

Record labels sue VC firm over Napster support
Universal and EMI sue Hummer Winblad

Time to face the music
Five ways to change the music industry

XUL Channels
Way cool aggregator for Mozilla (and Netscape and Camino)

Internet Is Losing Ground in Battle Against Spam
"Do their fingers hurt too much from pressing the delete key?"

April 21, 2003

Mondrian Machine
Create your own pseudo neoplasticism

Heywood Jablowme
Embarrassing lesson: Duped reporter learns the hard way

Lots and lots of patents stuck in a backlog

Are Republicans pirates?
GOP states pirate more software

A Legal Counterattack
Saudis hire Baker Botts

Case for a Tougher Bar Exam Prompts a Forceful Rebuttal
Legal experts, bar associations and all 15 of New York's law school deans oppose raising the standard

April 20, 2003

April 18, 2003

One idealistic young Teach for America recruit meets with inspiring success inside a troubled D.C. school, the other with a night in jail and a $20 million lawsuit

Like Lawmeme, but blue

April 17, 2003

"It's a sleazy knockoff by a bunch of wannabes"
Gumball 3000 cross country race kicks off

April 16, 2003

Open Source Haggadah
From Douglas Rushkoff and Open Source Juadism

Liberty, Security, and the Courts
Justice Breyer addresses Association of the Bar of the City of New York

Bar Mitzvah Disco
when we were shtetl fabulous

Another six-run homer for the Yanks!
Iraqi Information Minister and YES, perfect together

April 15, 2003

New music rules are needed
Fred von Lohmann argues for compulsories

April 14, 2003

Weblogs, Information, and Society
UC Berkeley School of Journalism panel

2003 Jefferson Muzzles
Who's doing the best a limiting freedom of speech

Empty Bench
Dahlia Lithwick's exclusive advance transcript of the Senate's Judicial Confirmation Hearings, 2004

Seriously Syria
A Sonnet to Serialized War, by Adam Felber

Guilty until proven innocent
Intel engineer Mike Hawash is in solitary confinement in a federal prison in Sheridan, Ore. He has not been charged with a crime.

Information on the recent lawsuits filed by the RIAA against 4 college students for contributory and direct copyright infringement

Metrocard values
Which Metrocard is right for you?

Mmmmm... Prime Minister
Tony Blair to guest on The Simpsons

Deposition tips for new lawyers
Just ask a lot of questions

The Most Dangerous President Ever
How and why George W. Bush undermines American security

April 13, 2003

The Automat's Golden Age
When a nickel had value

April 12, 2003

Looting Tips
You've already missed out on Baghdad and Basra, but by planning and preparing now you can be first in line in Damascus or Pyongyang.

April 11, 2003

Concorde grounded for good
Book now before it's too late

NYC Transit Fare Change Information
No more tokens after tomorrow
Find magazine and journal articles
Coupon and discount codes for online stores

Steal this barcode
Walmart unhappy with

Republicans Want Terror Law Made Permanent
Who needs civil liberties?

April 10, 2003

April 08, 2003 - guide to Internet TV
Streams of TV stations from around the world

McDonald's goes upmarket

April 07, 2003

You have jurisdiction to apply the laws of mathematics and physics
"You have the jurisdiction - I have proven it - to add, subtract, divide and multiply"

Obsessive Consumption
I don't know if I'd really want to think about what I spend cash on every day...

The Thin Envelope
The New Yorker on the college admissions game

This is just a scene from hell
John Simpson files a report even though he "just got a bit of shrapnel in the leg, that's all"

Truly, Madly Driven: City Car Owners
The few, the proud, those who fear public transport

Thin ice
It's a parable

April 06, 2003

Google News shoots self in foot
includes press releases as news

April 05, 2003

The Complete History of NHL Uniforms
Is there any worse than Captain Fishstick?

April 04, 2003

The Ethicalist
"Oh, yeah—I’m also currently the vice president of my country...Is that an ethical problem?"

Listen to CFP 2003
Computers, Freedom & Privacy conference sessions recorded in MP3

RIAA sues four college students
for running file sharing services at Princeton, RPI and Michigan Tech

April 03, 2003

Judge Posner at ABA TechShow
Rick Klau blogs copious notes

Mr. Fix-It, Meet Urban Decay
Bob Vila comes to DUMBO

Brick to slick
30 years of cell phones

A Patent On Porn
Acacia Research sues porn sites over streaming video

April 02, 2003

N.Y. Museum's Sleek New Big Blue
Museum of Natural History's blue whale gets renovated

Return of the Mac clones?
and IP lawyer suggests that iBox maker retain an IP lawyer

April 01, 2003

Return of the King delayed to May 12, 2004
Five more months of waiting...

Bar Association wants "pirate" WiFi regulated
Cory Doctorow: "This is one of the most clueless documents I've ever read."

Make Fun of the Cheneys Day
I couldn't think of anything interesting, but lots of good April Fool's Cheney ridiculing...

Subway changes en route
Manhattan bridge lines to reopen in Feb. 2004

New Radiohead Album Floods The Internet
Hail to the Thief. Sounds good.