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May 31, 2003

The Unh! Project
A collection of guttural moans from comics

City Losing Millions In Blitz of Ticketing
Independent Study Finds Costs Handily Exceed Revenues

Salam's story
Just who is Salam Pax

FBI overreacts to high school student blog post
"A student is mistakenly targeted as an investigation blurs the line between local and federal law enforcement "

Judge dismisses suit against Google | CNET
The judge dismissed the case on the grounds that Google's formula for calculating the popularity of a Web page, or "PageRank," constitutes opinions protected by the First Amendment.

The Island Chronicles
From Los Angeles to the South Pacific

Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law
Pillaging the cartoon universe

St. Petersburg Is Given Some Major Primping for Its Birthday Bash
"this is nothing less than a fabulous slumber party for the world's most powerful men (and three women)"

The Lesson of Smalls, a Little Club With a Big Heart
Ben Ratliff bids adieu to Smalls

Constitutionally, a Risky Business
Fun and profit writing constitutions

May 30, 2003

Genuine Soviet Sputnik satellite
Buy It Now for US $29,500.00

3rd Annual Nigerian EMail Conference
"Write better emails. Make more moneys."

Russian tounge twisters
A daschund in a taxi asked the driver: "how much for this trip?"

Media More Diverse? Not Really
500 channels and 5 owners

American Mullet
a documentary film

T-shirts only law students find funny

DVR Myths and Facts
Fact: drop the prices to <$300 total and I'll buy one

House of cards
Property is probably the biggest business in the world

Determine the proper outdoor antenna to use if you don't have cable or satellite

Automating iPhoto 2 with AppleScript
How to script iPhoto and Photoshop together

Search Privacy: An Issue?, Part 2
Privacy policies at Yahoo and Google compared

Divorce, Online Style
"Divorce lawyers view online services the same way doctors view self-help health books"

Search Privacy: An Issue?, Part 1
Google's privacy policy, sponsored by Google

May 29, 2003

A maddening ride for tourist who fell asleep on subway
The cops explained they were giving him a ticket because he had taken up two seats

Peripheral City
Rediscovering the Gowanus Canal

Electronic Order in the Court
Some Courts adopt computer technology, others have yet to

May 28, 2003

Call Jenny in Providence, get Brown freshmen

In Hoagieland, They Accept No Substitutes
Mmm...cheesesteaks and scrapple

May 26, 2003

Geeky Legal Beagles Nail Spammers 
NYAG internet bureau does good work

Airports Taxi Into the Web Age
Airports get useful web sites

In 13 States, a Push to Limit Lawyers' Fees
New Jersey and New York are among the states

May 24, 2003

Mount Everest. 360 degree panorama
Standing on top of the world

Showbiz Pizza Rock-A-Fire Explosion tribute site
that's right. A tribute page to a pizza place's animatronic band

Tourist Season Alert
The Bureau to Eradicate Slow-Moving People is warning all New Yorkers that Tourist Season will hit New York hard in the next few weeks

New Jersey Is Running Out of Open Land It Can Build on
Big box stores and mcmansions in the most densly populated state are using up land

May 22, 2003

Button Maker
Watch the web get overrun by these buttons

Anticipating a post-Web, post-PC world | CNET
To understand where the technology industry is going, don't focus on the future--look to yesterday.

Mayor pulled over for drunk driving
Wife arrives drunk to pick him up

Doctor Who - Shada
Flash from the BBC

Good to the Last Drop
Dimensions and Cultural Implications of Coffee Service in Libraries

1st Annual Big Apple Barbecue Block Party
May 31-June 1 on 27th St.

New Cellphone Services Help Find Friends and Places to Go
How useful are location-based services?

DARPA and LifeLog
Does the government want to know EVERYTHING about you?

May 21, 2003

Total Information Awareness Becomes Total Terrorism Awareness
Poindexter tries to be less Big Brother-ey

New Laws, New Questions About Pornography Online
PROTECT Act includes a section titled "Truth in Domain Names" and a new ban on so-called "virtual" child pornography.

Segways in Paris
"The prevailing mood was curiosity and wonder"

Eating for Six? That Pasta Has
What exactly is a portion?

Sounds from the First Satellites
This is Sputnik 1 to ground control

RSS feeds for Supreme Court decisions
Courtesy of Cornell's Legal Information Institute

How to Curb Big-Time Schools? Hit Them With Big-Time Taxes
NCAA member schools have become so fixated on cold hard cash that they've forgotten to even feign an interest in sports-as-education

May 20, 2003

Dividend Voodoo
Warren Buffett: Tax the rich

May 18, 2003

How US Schools Rate in Cyber Liberties
Tufts is 3rd worst. (Columbia is the worst, MIT the best).

A New York State of Blog
NYT shoutout to Gawker and the "New York School" of bloggers

Dating a Blogger, Reading All About It
Why not to blog everything, especially on an eponymous website

May 14, 2003

Lists of Bests
Best of best of lists list

Five perspectives on spectrum allocation
"Cingular is saying, dammit, that's our ox, where do you get off goring it?"

Fare increase reached in violation of lawful procedure and not rationally based
Judge York's decision in NYPIRG Straphangers Campaign v. MTA

Judge Orders MTA To Roll Back Transit Fare Hike
"Clearly the court saw that the MTA was misleading the riding public."

Second Ave. Subway Plan Praised, Critiqued
You can satisfy some of the people all the time or all of the people some of the time...

Chickenhawk Cards
"Even though there are 54 cards, after reviewing them we think you'll agree it feels as if we're not really playing with a full deck!"

New Study Finds 60 Million Uninsured During a Year
At any one time, 25% of US adults lack health insurance

May 13, 2003

The New Color of Money
Andy Jackson set to get more bling-bling

Top 10 Things I Hate About Star Trek
"Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and 'Ensign Gomez' beam down to a planet. Which one isn't coming back?"

Second Avenue Subway Line? That's Just Part of It
World New York talks with one of "The Boys"

The GOP attack machine
The effect is to create an atmosphere in which dissent and dissenters are publicly humiliated, their careers and livelihoods threatened

Dr. Dean's healthcare plan
Coverage for everyone up to age 25! Wait-- the election's not until next year? Some good this does me.

How Does a Piano Get to Carnegie Hall?
Practice, practice, practice

Attorneys can keep illegal fees
if they had a good faith reason to believe they were legal

The Times' clueless jab at new media
Don't forget about George Lucas, the Wachowski brothers and the digitization of movies :: Music
iTunes sharing

Gawker gets props from William Safire

Bush Budget Has Billions for Nuclear Weapons Building
Disarm North Korea by getting into a new nuclear arms race

The Smoking Gun TV
Coming to Court TV in August with Mo Rocca

'Hi, I'm Your Waiter, and This Is Reality'
Restaurant meets reality tv. Sounds fun.

Second Avenue Subway
Coming soon to a second avenue near you

May 10, 2003

Judicial fashion trends
Counsel, please stop laughing

In re Pharmatrak, privacy litigation
"This case raises important questions about the scope of privacy protection afforded internet users under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986"

Special Music Event
Watch The Steve introduce the new iTunes

News Is Crapppy
Mmm Bureaucracy!

James Beard Winners
Oscars for chefs

An Interesting Day
Where Bush went on 9/11

Songs disappearing from iTunes Music service?
Where'd they put the Radiohead?

Brooklyn to Celebrate Its Bridge on May 24
120 years of the Brooklyn Bridge

Law Firm Got Big M.T.A. Fees in Troubled Job
Let's blame lawyers for the fare hike

Englewood Theater Moves Closer to Reopening
Closer to good news about John Harms

May 09, 2003

Best of New York 2003
from New York magazine

It was the best of times, it was the blurst of times
Monkeys fail to reproduce the work of Shakespeare

May 07, 2003

Manhattan User's Guide: Cornelia Street
Cornelia Street is always a good answer, at least when the question is 'where should we eat tonight?

May 06, 2003

U.S. says Canada cares too much about liberties
It's not like we have any protected rights here in the US... er... well, we may not for too much longer.

Concert CD's Sold on the Spot by a Radio Giant
I wonder what this means for tapers...

Chains gobble up city's dining dollars
Heck, there's a second Olive Garden here in NYC. What's the world coming to?

Verisign investigation
courtesy of NYS Attorney General
No, it's not my website

"No wonder she was so good at saying 'Don't cwall da police.'"

20 Questions for Howard Bashman
Celebrate 1 year of How Appealing

Russian Retro: Party Car Reborn
V-12 BMW-based Volga

Moscow Metro Unveils New Station, Park Pobedi
Deepest subway station in the world. 16 years under construction.

Kasyanov Takes Pirates to Task
"[Intellectual property] is one of those spheres where chaos rules and total lawlessness takes place"

May 03, 2003

Classic keyboards redux
The greatest keyboard ever. Now, where can I find a USB version?

May 02, 2003

'Bling Bling' Added To Oxford English Dictionary
"I just wish that I'd trademarked it, so I'd never have to work again."

Prof. Volokh on how to promote a blog
Step 5. Add 26th consiprator.

Notion of a 51st State Comes Around Again
"Every day Albany gives us another reason to just go our way"

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas sue Clear Channel
"Your conduct certainly constitutes further evidence of actual malice"