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June 29, 2003

The Illustrated Catalog of ACME Products
Where Wily E. Coyote shops

Harry Potter and the International Order of Copyright
Should Tanya Grotter and the Magic Double Bass be banned?

Vacation time
Americans don't get enough

crazy Japanese reality tv

June 25, 2003

Music Labels Step Up Internet Piracy Hunt
Labels plan to sue users who offer "substantial" collections of mp3 music files for downloading

June 24, 2003

Tardis Tennis
Wimbledon meets Dr. Who

Trackback and Free Speech
Fight for your right to comment

A Star Is Born -- On The Web
"it's like a Saturday-morning cartoon by Salvador Dali."

June 23, 2003

Hire a designated driver in London

Internet Blocking in Public Schools
New report on censorware from the EFF

Where Votes Are the Coin of the Realm
DA investigates corruption in Brooklyn

TV closure sparks 'Soviet' jibe
Russia closes only remaining independent TV network

New York Surveillance Camera Players
Tour surveillance cameras in NYC

Somebody's watching you in NYC
Say hi to surveillance cameras

HomestarRunner Hits a Homer
Wired News interviews HomestarRunner creators

June 20, 2003

Crime in NYC
Mayor says NYC is safest big city in US

Dog Fight on Sidewalks of New York
Danny Meyer brings Chicago-style hot dogs to Madison Sq. Park

A 100-Year Span Gets Its Big Moment
Williamsburg Bridge turns 100

Rowling and Scholastic sue the Daily News
Harry Potter author and publisher sue for $100 million in damages

The Internet under surveillance
Obstacles to the free flow of information

When spam filters go bad
"The equivalent of treating dandruff by decapitation"

More Americans like mobile phones than modern life
Only 48% of adults in the US like the pace of "modern life"

June 18, 2003

Sweatiest Subway Stations
They're all bad

Poor Speeling, and, Grammar HelpDefendant in Web Libel Suit
Write badrifically and people won't take you seriously.

Lists, From Naughty to Nice
Washington Post gets meta with a list of lists

The People's Choice Music
An operatic soprano raps and sings atonal music, advertising jingles, political slogans, and ?elevator? music

The most boring Supreme Court case of the year
"the class of the field has to be Boeing Co. v. United States"

Windows IE buggy hell
Matt sees what the internet is like to the less savvy

premature Supreme Court wrap-up
Why wait for the term to fully end?

The Texas Clemency Memos
They like the death penalty down in Texas

Bush's 9/11 coverup?
White House doesn't want to investigate 9/11

Lap Dancing Faces Legal Threat
LA ordinance threatens to ban lap dancing

June 17, 2003

Stores Fight Shoplifting With Private Security
Taking the law into their own hands

Dereliction of Duty
One of these days we'll end up paying the price. 

Courts may crack down on mobiles
Australian courts considers ban on cameraphones

The Right to Party
We have to fight for our right to party.

Smart Mobs Take Manhattan
Form an inexplicable mob tonight

June 16, 2003

Adventures in Downloading Haydn
Trying to buy classical music on iTunes

The MP3 Economy
Where those $0.99 go

June 15, 2003

Student Protests in Tehran Become Nightly Fights for Freedom
"Just be patient, we are trying to have a revolution"

Bill would let spamees sue spammers
Schumer and the Christian Coalition?

Dot matrix synth
Epson LQ-500 dot matrix printer converted into a musical instrument

The dead poets society
The copyright term and the public domain

June 13, 2003

City Hunt
Urban Adventures

Inmates lien on judges in copyright con
Prisoners sue attorneys for use of their names

Pryor wants no more appointments like Souter

Aurora Australis
Space Station Science Picture of the Day

Give States the Right to Protect Privacy
the credit industry is a mess when it comes to protecting consumer data

Millionaires populate U.S. Senate
At least they eschew monocles and top hats

These aren't your kids' cartoon shows
Futurama and Family Guy weeknights

Music Theory Online
Scholarly journal

Jazz Roots
Early jazz history

The Land of Chocolate
oooh...chocolate half price

Live action Transformers movie?
Orson Welles not included

Any idiot can ride a Segway
maybe not any idiot...

June 12, 2003

Insane NY Crime
Barely scratching the surface

DOJ's dismissive response on civil liberties
Legislative update from the ACLU

One down, two to go
America's most wanted

Why a lawsuit is often not a good idea
"The hostile environment at the school has traumatized Blair both physically and emotionally"

Pride of the Devils
Yogi Berra likes Lou Lamoriello's team philosophy

June 10, 2003

June 09, 2003

Rice trucks
Crazy Japanese trucks

Judge to Be Arraigned Today, Probably Without TV Cameras
More on the ongoing Brooklyn judge corruption scandal

How to Live Large, and Largely For Free
Become a mystery shopper

What's the difference between working for money and playing for money?
Converting Blogshares and Ultima Online to $$

Legal Dispute Unnerves Linux Users
Started with SCO suing IBM...

High Court's Freshman Awaits New Member
Breyer hopes to be the one giving the atomic wedgies next fall

Conferences are expensive
Law students have no money

Urgent Memo
RNC official on-air response guide

Time to back our nominee
Kos gets the DNC to go grassroots

Denise Howell is totally hot
and other Observations From ClickZ's Weblog Business Strategies Conference

The New Blog Economy
Spending real money to buy BlogShares?

The New York Times
A Political, Literary, and Mixcellaneous Newspaper

Brooklyn-Queens Day
Celebrate (belatedly) by riding the G train

Technorati Keyword Search
"For now, only English is reliably supported."

Gizmodo 1983
Old school

June 08, 2003

Gollum accepts his MTV movie award
"It's mine. My precious."

Empty Nesters Helping New Nesters
Apparently, it's a trend

June 07, 2003

Missing Weapons Of Mass Destruction
the first potential scandal that could make Watergate pale by comparison

Rough justice
The US criminal justice system needs an overhaul to make it more scientific, more reliable, and ultimately more just.

The End of History - How e-mail is wrecking our national archive.
I thought that all white house email was archived...

Shakespeare on the Run
in Central Park

Wax cylinder recording
For those who are disappointed with the sound quality of modern recordings

New York Times Archive and Weblogs
How to create NYT links that won't die

Sleepless, and Litigious, in the Apartment Below
No wonder coop boards closely scrutinize prospective owners

June 06, 2003

Shizzle my nizzle
lyrics leave judge lost for words

Play to Win, or Just to Play? N.C.A.A.'s Lowest Rung Split
NESCAC is among those who want to reform or leave Division III


Apple iTunes meets independent music
"We're going to give you the same basic deal we gave the big 5 major labels."

June 05, 2003

MT cache
Great idea

Credit Card Signatures
Does anyone look at them?

Minister of Information
Now, America has its own plucky minister!

patent pending
the IA is back

Declining Music Sales
Not All Digital Downloading

One Word From Librarians That Speaks Volumes
"This is like the Red Scare."

Apple Woos Indies
big suprise

Willful Infringement
A report from the front lines of the real culture wars

Less Is More at Law Libraries
Smaller and more expensive

June 04, 2003

Broadband Internet Use has its Risks
National Cyber Security Alliance surveyed 120 broadband users

a really strange Radiohead tix story....
Sounds like the set up for a law school exam

June 03, 2003

Warner Chappell Asks Green Plastic to Remove Lyrics
May we count on your cooperation?

2003 US Air Guitar Championships
East Coast Regionals on Fri 6/6

Jenna Bush at NYU this summer
insert joke about alcohol here

Much Ado About Smut-Free DVDs
Where's the service that removes everything but the smut?

New York newbies
Blogs from the Gotham Gazette (sans RSS)

June 02, 2003

New York Philharmonic Agrees to Move to Carnegie Hall
Goodbye Avery Fisher Hall... in 2006

Salam Pax Is Real
Firsthand evidence from Peter Maass

Internet Battle Raises Questions About the First Amendment
The prohibition on linking to Ms. Johnson's site is "kooky"

Dutch Courts sentence 419 spammers to jail
Between 301 days and 4.5 years along with restitution

The coming hot spot war
A network of techie idealists is scheming to wreck the for-profit model of wireless Internet access

The longest journey
Bill Bryson travels through science

The Sports Cliche List
We've got to take it one game at a time, play hard and stay on our game

How the Other Half Lives
Hypertext edition

Brooklyn Information Page Index
Maps and history info about Brooklyn and NYC

We're Number 1!
U.S. now has the largest prison population largest in world

June 01, 2003

Coins for Making Change Efficiently
"what the U.S. needs is an 18-cent piece."

The Sopranos Meet EverQuest
How to use your research grant playing computer games and watching tv

6 degrees of blog separation

Further Evidence of Perfidy
"Bush went on to detail the clear and documented ties between the organization known as "global market forces" and the Al Qaeda terrorist network..."

'Conscience' Is No Cause for Judges to Flout Laws
Howard Bashman argues that binding precedent should bind

The Bloody Crossroads of Grammar and Politics
Where do "history and tradition" come in?

Scholars Who Blog
The soapbox of the digital age draws a crowd of academics

A Theory of Everything
Different reactions to different kinds of hegemony.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle Online (1841-1902)
from The Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Collection