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July 31, 2003

BuyMusic, Get Screwed
Our commercials are designed to trick you into thinking that we are Apple

Rating blog PR pitches
Free stuff is good

Chocolate Lovers' search engine

FBI targets Net phoning
Wiretapping VoIP

Gothamist Goes on The Angel Project
Jen is addicted to using the "editorial 'we'"

Sorry, You're Nobody's Type
Online dating rejects

July 30, 2003

Police bracing for vehicular assault
Ikea invades Bergen county

Citizens Protection in Federal Databases Act
Introduced by Ron Wyden (D-Ore.)

Unbelievable Stories (Just Ask the Judge)
Fun with EDNY habeas petitions

TalkLeft's Ridiculous Prosecutor of the Week Award
"The tactic of threatening to have criminal defense attorneys arrested for doing their job is outrageous"

July 29, 2003

July 28, 2003

Wandering Camera
St. Petersburg photos

The Smoking Gun's 2003 Legal Document of the Year
"Fuck is certainly a controversial word that may be appropriate in certain venues and locales (Florida Elections Commission, speed eating contests, public defender offices) and may be inappropriate in others (weddings, Chuck-E-Cheese pizza parlors, district attorney offices)."

Bush Administration Jumps the Shark
It's mutated into a poorly written television sitcom.

The Roots
Live shows

Diverging Estimates of the Costs of Spam
Do spammers actually make any money?

Springsteen Ticket Scalpers, Glory Days Have Passed You By
10 shows at Giants Stadium supply enough tickets to meet demand

Apple Cube: Alive and Selling
And still expensive

There's no business like snow business
Maybe this will convince more areas to stay open through the spring

Brooklyn Bound
Tourists discover Brooklyn

NFL salary database
Imagine the salaries without the cap

Soylent oil is people!
depolymerization is a process to make oil from organic waste

State of the Subways 2003
L is ranked highest; 5 is ranked lowest

July 26, 2003

Big database of ski lift info. Euro-centric, but still very cool.

Did the Dome's air flow turn pop flies into home runs?
Did the Twins have an extra home field advantage?

Respect for flag
The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any nature.

July 25, 2003

Media Ownership Watch: Metrosexual
No one's applied for a trademark on the term yet

The Third Rail
Online Magazine of Rapid Transit

Everyone Is a Target in Music Subpoenas
"I think they're trying to scare people"

Move to Reclaim Rail Line Receives Bipartisan Push
High Line project may be going somewhere

Mob scene
Inexplicable mobs

Questions for DoJ Cybercrime Attorneys
Slashdot interviews lawyers from DoJ CCIPS

July 24, 2003

RIAA Hit List
Subpoenas are flying

Winter is shrinking
Northern New England winters last a week or two less than in the 1960s

A legal minefield for Iraq's occupiers
Britain and the US may not yet fully appreciate the extent of their long-term liability under international law

July 23, 2003

Nets to move to Brooklyn?
Devils to get stuck in the Meadowlands?

How I Learned to Love Fair Use
or how to bring a $300,000 lawsuit down to $0 if you're a library, archive, or nonprofit educational institution

'Blogs' shake the political discourse
O-Dub takes the B-Globe's front page

80s Commercials archive
courtesy of X-Entertainment. Radical.

Duct Tape Superheroes
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a roll of duct tape!

July 22, 2003

Leaving Brooklyn?

Suspected Terrorist
Multimillionaire John Gilmore is suing the government to remain anonymous. Is this the last stand for privacy?

Suing For The Right To Recycle
Is dumpster diving copyright infringement?

Congress to bikers: Get a car, you crazy hippies
Congress considers cutting funds for bike paths to pay for highways

ReplayTV's New Owners Drop Features That Riled Hollywood
ReplayTV 5000 series (with commercial skipping and program sharing) to skyrocket in value?

What's in a Name? In This Case, Fancy Sandwiches
Earl of Sandwich goes into business

Amazon Plan Would Allow Searching Texts of Many Books
Plans to license full-text search of books

A green revolt against Bush
Northeastern states to limit CO2 emissions

July 21, 2003

Sax on the Streets: Confessions of an American Street Musician in Europe
Traversing Europe and playing baroque duets on two curved soprano saxophones. Great read.

July 20, 2003

Kottke 2002/03 US Season Report
Ski industry stats

The Breeze in Your Face, the Screech of Your Brakes
I always feel like I'm about to collide with these stop signs

US snooping plan blocked
Senate cuts funding for TIA

Chef Special Is Product Placement
The Restaurant looks entertaining

July 18, 2003

Recession Is Over; Jobs Aren't Trickling Down
The recession ended in November 2001?

Driving 4 Life
Tom Watson, Bruce Edwards and Jeff Julian are raising money for ALS research

White House E-Mail System Becomes Less User-Friendly
BushCo doesn't want to hear from you

July 17, 2003

Upload a File, Go to Prison
A felony for uploading a single file?

Blog about PVRs

Beyond the blog
Go crazy with MT

July 16, 2003

Hulk smash puny blogs

Profiling Russian Consumers
Only 11% have cell phones. In Moscow, the percentage is probably much higher.

GameSpot reviews real life
The graphics are great, but the rules are confusing

Studios Stage Fight Against Internet Bill
They want to know your identity

Campaign finances
How much bling-bling do the candidates have?

NJ B&T blog

Searching for an Operator
How to get a real person when calling customer service

July 14, 2003

Get Your Gore-Tex On
Who'll Stop the Rain, and Yet Remain Breathable?

Garbage Pail Kids set to return
after a 15 year hiatus

Burgers are as Addictive as Heroin
Effects "similar to those in powerful opiates"

Eating Out and Logging On
Get your WiFi on

File swappers 'buy more music'
They're good customers. Let's sue 'em!

July 13, 2003

An online army takes on terror
NYPD computer intelligence unit

Rules for Terror Tribunals May Deter Lawyers
Defense attorneys may not participate

Astor Place Rubik's Cube
Quality prank

Bill Moyers Interviews Jon Stewart
"For one thing, we are fake"

See the lyrics of the song playing in iTunes
nifty AppleScript trick to try

Apple iTunes Music Store boogies out the wazoo
"Reading reviews isn't going to convey how insanely amazing iTunes Music Store is."

July 11, 2003

July 09, 2003

DCAS Real Estate Public Auction
Buy property from the city

Fan Who Caught Bonds' Ball Sued by Lawyer
Lawyer's fee > value of home run ball

News about spam

City Is Selling Symbol of Its Troubled Schools
110 Livingston St. to become apartments

July 08, 2003

Great fireworks photos
From Jeff Keller and DCRP readers

NYC Fireworks
from Satan's Laundromat

Gothamist Visits MASS MoCA
Only slightly further away from the city than MoMA in Queens

Dell to Stop Using Prison Workers
That's how their computers are so cheap

What will the world be like in the year 2000?
Miracles of the Next Fifty Years

Web Linking Need Not Cause Copyright Liability
Ninth Circuit rules in Kelly v. Arriba Soft

Hotspots: Hot Wireless Initiative
Expect wireless spots to become hotter and hotter

Don't Copy that Floppy
It's a windows media video file

Editor fired for 'Caddyshack' reference
He Jaysonblaired an interview with "Carl Spangler"

Summer with the guidos
Down the shore

Dossier on Ashcroft
Suprise: he's a reactionary theocrat

July 07, 2003

July 03, 2003

International Federation of Competitive Eating
"America's fastest-growing sport" main event, Nathan's hot dog eating contest, occurs tomorrow

July 02, 2003

Consumer Reaction to Learning the Truth About How Search Engines Work
You should have seen their reaction when they learned what hot dogs are made of