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August 28, 2003

Pay no attention to the issues behind the subpoenas!
"Rather than confront the questions around due process, privacy, and freedom of association, the recording industry cartel has resorted to cheap character assassination"

The EFF's Wendy Seltzer vs. Howard Berman On CNN
Should copyright infringement be a federal felony?

Small Webcasters sue RIAA
Antitrust suit claims that royalty rates are intended to eliminate competition

Bush curtails federal pay raises
Perhaps irresponsible tax cuts to benefit only wealthy campaign contributors are to blame

BKLYN magazine
They don't need no vowels.

OS X Browser Smackdown
Very well done

Dean takes the lead in NH
In latest Zogby poll

Ineptitude Redefined
Who believes the GOP is the party of sober competence?

Jane Doe, $150K/download, and Using the Color of Law
Greplaw interview with Glenn Peterson

August 27, 2003

End of an era for file-sharing chic?
Looking for the unsympathetic defendants

OSAIA to USPTO: Open Source is protected by copyright
GPL and BSD are not "waivers" of IP rights, but assertions of such rights

A look a Bunner
"Judges will do almost anything not to decide anything!"

iTunes iSbogus
"If you build a shiny new house on a landfill it still stinks"

Chilean Sea Bass Frequently Asked Questions
Really isn't a bass and not necessarily from Chile

Be on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
Just fill out this simple questionnaire

August 26, 2003

An Unpatriotic Act
"Rather than do the hard work of coming up with effective port security and air cargo checks, and other programs targeted at actual threats, the administration has taken aim at civil liberties."

Opposition to travel information dossiers

Basic Knife Skills
An illustrated guide

Snack Service is a Net Lo$$ for Spectators
Shocker: Food at the Open is overpriced

The Wine Wars
Courtroom battle over direct shipping of wine

French Winemakers Harvest a Hot Vintage
Heatwave=superior vintage? Vintners hope so

Court Rules That Trade Secrets Can Outweigh Free Speech
California Supreme Court rules in DVD copying case

Fox News Drops Suit Vs. Franken Over Book
Fair and balanced lack of merit

Fraud, Scams and Misinformation on the Web
Be especially careful of these so-called "bloggers"

What year is it?
MTA turns back the calendar

The Escalating Copyright Wars
Entertainment industry and its copyright war

Courtroom Connect
Unwired courthouses

August 25, 2003

One Unwired Day
Get your WiFi on

Ever wonder why your health insurance is so expensive?
A new take on the Fitzgerald & Fitzgerald subway ad

A plague grows in Brooklyn
Gowanus rat problem

No Egg, No Cream, No Ethics
Harry Solomon Dolowich: BLS alum and egg cream racketeer

iCal Calling iChat
Use iCal appointments to set iChat status

Former Dot-Commers Are Adjusting, Painfully
But are companies avoiding good practices because they're tainted by dotcom association?

Evite's Day of Atonement
Yom Kippur isn't a "Reason to Party"?

Scientists discover secret that keeps French slim: eat less of everything
Shocking discovery: eat less food, don't get fat.

Dyke to open up BBC archive
BBC Creative Archive planned to be free and available to everyone

August 22, 2003

Defenestrate Your Résumé!
Advice from the non-expert

Classic Bestsellers
10 of the top 50 are public domain

August 21, 2003

The Real Winners
A rogue's gallery of war profiteers

Flash mop
Spread the word

Republican Grand Plan
"They regard the electorate with such disdain and contempt that it is astonishing that there isn't more outrage at their autocratic rule."

Luckiest sausage on earth
Running with the sausages in Milwaukee

Facts? Probably. Fun? You Decide.
NY trivia from the the web

August 20, 2003

Comments Spam
I got hit by this, too.

As Talks Resume, Verizon Argues With a Union Over an Ad Phrase
Did union officials infringe on Verizon's trademarked phrase, "Can you hear me now?"

Conn. Media Seek Secret Court 'X-Files'
Among the legal X-files shrouded from public view: a paternity suit involving a member of the E Street Band

August 19, 2003

Licensed to Drive? Fuhgeddaboutit!
yet, I had a 2 hour wait when I at the DMV today

Senator and Developer Hope to Keep Nets in New Jersey
Corzine may keep Nets from moving to Brooklyn

Bars with Darts in Manhattan
via the New York Dart Organization

August 18, 2003

The cover jinx
Vick is the latest victim


The Bits Are Willing, but the Batteries Are Weak
Includes NYT mentions of blog blackout coverage

Twenty-Somethings Seek Solace in TV
Only 34% of twenty-somethings in the US are happy with the state of their current career. The rest watch TV sitcoms.

Privacy Villain of the Week
John Ashcroft and his VICTORY Act

Aggregators Attack Info Overload
Alliterative aggregation article

Confessions of a Soviet moptop
Did Lennon trump Lenin?

August 17, 2003

August 14, 2003

Email is officially broken
Joi Ito pronounces it so

August 13, 2003

U.S. Bimbo Defeats Spanish Challenger in Web Bout
WIPO ruled that "Taylor could remain the master of his private bimbo"

August 12, 2003

BMW asks Mini Cooper fan site to not use the term Mini
Is it a good idea to vigorously defend trademarks at the expense of angering your most loyal customers?

Head for the Hills
The Catskills as the next Hamptons?

Rocco, There's A Fly In My Zuppa
Star of "The Restaurant" hit with health violations

2003 sales tax holidays
New York goes tax free on clothing and footwear Aug. 26- Sept. 1

Swollen Orders Show Spam's Allure
In a four-week period, over 6,000 people bought from a spammer

John Kerry blog
Kerry's campaign jumps in

Gore speech at NYU
The direction in which our nation is being led is deeply troubling

Liberals Form Fund To Defeat President
George Soros kicks in $10 million

Federal Court Spurns Recording Industry Enforcement Tactics
Rejects subpoenas sent to MIT & BC from DC court

Bold moves, bad luck tripped up Tower
In a little more than seven weeks, Tower Records may be walking into bankruptcy court.

Hollywood Is Calling
Pay money to have D-list celebrities call. None nearly as cool as Carl Kassell

New York's Sexiest Prosecutor
According to NY magazine, NYAG Eliot Spitzer

August 11, 2003

NYC Eats
Food blog

RNC Not Welcome
The Republicans are coming! The Republicans are coming!

Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?
This blogger hopes to find out

August 8, 2003

Shul Runnings
Get up close and personal with the Israeli bobsled team with this Jewsweek article. And yes, both the article and the name of the publication are real (a great read too).

Tastes Like Chicken... or perhaps Weasel
Don't ask what I was searching for when I discovered this, but I found a great recipe for "Squirrel Road Kill Brunswick Stew."

Okay, you've got quick reflexes and have just hit a squirrel.Take that sucker and skin it, cut the head off and remove the internal organs. Cut squirrel into pieces and add to chopped Pork of equal amounts and saute it slowly until light brown in 1/4 cup shortening....

The Post on the Recall
My favorite piece on the California recall so far...

NYPD Goes Overboard (Again)
A federal judge in Manhattan criticized police officials yesterday for the way demonstrators against the war in Iraq were interrogated earlier this year. The judge...made his comments after hearing evidence that the police had asked the protesters their views on the war, whether they hated President Bush, if they had traveled to Africa or the Middle East, and what might be different if Al Gore were president.

Crazy Taxi
I think he ran cause he couldn't take the smell anymore.

August 7, 2003

How About Banning Chihauhuas?
No more hawks in Bryant Park. One of them "mistook the tiny dog for a rat." Sounds like a smart bird to me.

"America's business productivity soared in the second quarter of 2003..."
...well, that's what happens when companies lay lots of people off and give all their work to the remaining employees.

Whatcha Talkin Bout Davis?
Gary Coleman's running for California Governor!

August 6, 2003

Ads coming and going

Sadly, the GE "Imagination at Work" ad has come to an end. If you took part in it, you might be a bit bummed, but don't worry, I'm sure plenty of others will clone it before long.

Better news: Krikor pointed out that Orbitz has a new ad that's not only a potentially lengthy video game, but one that includes high scores. We both caught this game at You command a blimp and have to avoid the buildings below you and clouds above you. It even has multiple levels!

Bottom line: work productivity levels can continue to fluctuate below the Mendoza line. Or the Mason Dixon line. Or the 49th parallel, which I know nothing about, but I think Andrew would as he goes off to fight the commies.

Drowsy Driving
I guess I agree it's dangerous and should be given stiffer penalties, but how are they going to prove it?

August 5, 2003

I was away all weekend for "IT", the big Phish music fest way, way up in northern Maine (and I mean north - if Canada took over the area, I doubt anyone would notice for a while). Follow the link for pics.

August 4, 2003

Wish you were here
Really makes you want to visit, right? See the big feature in BusinessWeek:

In a balance-sheet reckoning of a place I love, my head isn't buying what my heart wants to sell. The Yeltsin era, which began brightly, with historic reforms to free Russia from Soviet controls on property and the media but descended into a chaotic sinkhole of corruption, surely was in need of a corrective. But the control-oriented Putin regime is failing to get the balance right. Yeltsin's flawed but genuine liberal impulse is being supplanted by a gathering authoritarian push as the ex-KGB agents and other law-enforcement officials Putin has worked with for most of his career -- the siloviki, or "men of power" -- become more confident of their grip on the Kremlin and key ministries.

August 1, 2003

Music Downloading, File-sharing and Copyright
On the trail of the elusive P2P users

Get ripped