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September 30, 2003

One MILLION Weblogs
Technorati tracks over one million blogs

Lawyer accused of having cocaine in courtroom
The lesson is: leave the coke in the office

Moby on the RIAA
"i'm almost tempted to go onto kazaa and download some of my own music, just to see if the riaa would sue me for having mp3's of my own songs on my hard-drive"

Boiling Brew: Politics and Health Insurance Gap
Employers are pushing more of the costs onto their workers

September 29, 2003

Mr. Krabs' Trade Secret Rights in the Krabby Patty: Discuss
Marty Schwimmer: teaching trademark law with SpongeBob

TCP/IP over Bongos
Features blinding 2bps speed

JetBlue Customers Feel the Pain
"It made it sort of like I had been betrayed by a friend, rather than by a big company"

September 26, 2003

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
Bill O'Atrios-- brilliant.

Abandoned Stations
Still a great page

U.S. Is Only the Tip of Pirated Music Iceberg
Pirated CDs seem much easier to find abroad than in the US

September 25, 2003

Nike sues over trademark rights to soccer
Can FIFA trademark USA 2003?

Domains Gone Wild!
VeriSign Site Finder Controversy

Domains Gone Wild!
VeriSign Site Finder Controversy

Happy Birthday, We'll Sue
Happy Birthday is copyrighted until 2030

Clarett Is Suing to Enter N.F.L. Draft
NFL and players violate anti-trust laws?

September 23, 2003

September 22, 2003

Appeals Court Panel Reviews Recall Ruling
"Ninth Circus" looks at the recall circus

Assessing the new normal
Liberty and security for the post-September 11 United States

UK bans spam messages
but not to business e-mail addresses

Net piracy has five more years of growth
Source: pirated copy of the report

U.S. Allowing Funds to Religious Groups
It's a good thing for BushCo that there's no problem with laws respecting an establishment of religion. Except for that pesky Constitution, of course.

Eating the RIAA's lunch
A VC approach to hitmaking

Talking Street
LES walking tour by cell phone

Shock the Monkey
Matt Taibbi reports on a "startling Holy-Shit-O-Gram from Moscow."

September 21, 2003

Library catalog system owner sues book-based New York hotel
Perhaps the hotel should follow libraries that have switched over to the LoC system

September 19, 2003

The Loon at the Front of the Room
Jeff Cooper brings talk like a pirate day to his Civ Pro class. Yarr!

Probabilities in the Game of Monopoly
What's the probability of an anti-trust suit?

September 18, 2003

Giant rodent astonishes science
Best headline of the week

The refined WTC site plan
One optimistic evaluation

Apple may take Apple to court
Jobs: "It's a trademark dispute... We might have to get a judge to decide on it."

Gates Gives Money to New York City to Start 67 Schools
Gates Foundation donates $51.2 million

Word Pirates
Prepare to be boarded, ye scurvy knaves!

His Beyonce, Her Beatles
An NYT Primer on File Sharing

JetBlue Shared Passenger Data
But they have DirecTV!

'Miscalculation' could mean the end of caviar
Beluga sturgeon could be driven to extinction

September 17, 2003

Happy Hour Mob #2
Obtain drinking money. Keep it handy.

Dear Leader
"A noble flight suit embiggens the smallest man"

Big Brother is watching you - and documenting
eBay bends over backward to provide data to law enforcement

Blame Fassel
The Giants should have won on Monday

Courthouse Rock
Newsweek on the RIAA lawsuits

Senator Takes a Swing at RIAA
Legislation addresses DRM and consumer privacy under DMCA subpoena power

Kicking Ass
The DNC blogs

September 16, 2003

Court scrutinizes P2P subpoena process
DC Circuit evaluates subpoena process and power under the DMCA

From: The Shire, To: Mordor
Maps and Walking Directions

High-speed Channel rail link opens
In the states, high-speed rail isn't expected anytime soon

SBC Won't Name Names in File-Sharing Cases
"We are opposing these subpoenas because under the R.I.A.A.'s interpretation, they are a threat to consumer privacy and safety."

Recording industry sues parents
Should parents be liable for their children's p2p use?

One Queer Contract
TSG has the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy performer contracts

September 15, 2003

Wal-Mart seeking its green acre in N.Y.C.
I've never been to a Wal-Mart. Let's keep it that way

Copying, Cutting and Pasting, and Synthesizing
Record labels as service providers

Late Night With Conan is 10
Ten years of highlights at Gothamist

A daily chronicle of Bush administration distortion, from Where's the RSS feed?

Village Club May Face Swan Song Over Rent
The Bottom Line may close because of the bottom line

How to Steal $65 Billion
Why Identity Theft is a Growth Industry

File sharing must be made legal
EFF's Jason Schultz argues for legalization

Copying isn't cool
Andromeda's Scott Matthews argues for copyright enforcement

Gimme some skin!
City porn law unconstitutional

RSS feeds for comics
Where's The Boondocks?

For the Beatles Management Company, It's Apple Versus Apple
Apple Records sues over

September 12, 2003

Survey Finds Slight Rise in Jews' Intermarrying
NYT reports on the National Jewish Population Surve

September 11, 2003


The Post beats the News
on Gawker's tacky-o-meter

September 10, 2003

Privacy and Human Rights 2003
From EPIC and Privacy International

A Guide to the Patriot Act, Part 3
Pen registers and roving wiretaps

Barbie is Jewish?
The Saudi religious police think so

American Jewish Population Decreases
From 5.2 million down to 5 million

Casting a Cold Eye on Arctic Oil
A pragmatic look at ANWAR

Open House New York
October 11 & 12

From Funk to True Art Music
Ben Ratliff reviews new discs from Payton, Brecker and Branford

No Truce in the Spam Wars
Spammers try to back out of their suit

BigChampagne is Watching You
"A lot of people," COO Adam Toll notes, "are looking for porn."

A Guide to the Patriot Act, Part 2
It's just your friendly neighborhood expansion of FISA powers

September 9, 2003

Time to Rewrite the Rules of Telecom
Does VoIP change everything?

New $20 bill next month
Ooooh, colors

September 8, 2003

A Guide to the Patriot Act
Part 1 - Should you be scared of the Patriot Act?

Digital Scholarship
“When you’re digitizing you think of yourself as adding value to publicly accessible material"

"You got any of that beer that has candy floating in it, you know, Skittlebrau?"

Talk Like A Pirate Day
Yarrr. September 19, matey

Record Industry Sues Hundreds of Internet Music Swappers
261 lawsuits in federal courts around the country

Are you ready for some Limbaugh?
Um, no. He's just as much of a Big Fat Idiot on ESPN

New York Underground
Oldie but goodie">Aiming at Pornography to Hit Music Piracy
"We find you don't really accidentally download porn"

On the Road With Ashcroft
Hottest ticket in town

September 4, 2003

Internet Archive: Total Recall
Search the web as it was

Equal protection
for going topless

Website Owner Nabbed in Porn Scam
Feds arrest domain name typo porn king

Cincinnati's Abandoned Subway
It's currently in better condition than the Bengals

Mindset List for the Class of 2007
It's all about the bling bling, but they can still sing the rap chorus to the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"

Universal to Cut Prices of Its CD's
Moving on up the demand curve

September 3, 2003

Third Circuit stays new media ownership rules
Decision in Prometheus Radio Project v. FCC

Campus file-sharing crackdown?
What the RIAA's strengthened stance means for colleges

Russian Books translated into English
Available on the web because of the texts' unique copyright situation

Where IKEA gets the names
Bookcases are named after occupations

NBC Announces Law and Order: RIAA Series
It will follow L&O Elevator Inspectors Unit

A Campus Fad That's Being Copied: Internet Plagiarism
38% of surveyed undergrads admitted to "cut and paste" plagiarism via the Internet

ID Theft Battle Intensifies
I'm more worried that the supermarket prints my entire credit card number (and expiration date) on its receipts than I am about online identity theft.

"Completely dense" Fox viewers mistakenly buy new Al Franken book
Judge overestimated the intelligence of conservative book buyers

Famous restaurant in West village NYC /NYU on eBay
Cookies and Couscous. Starting bid: $100k

September 2, 2003

Man steals GPS tracking device
A GPS tracking device used to monitor criminals on probation, that is

Should Bill O'Reilly's lawyers be sanctioned?
Unfortunately Rule 11 wouldn't apply to O'Reilly himself

Happy Labor Year
We're so productive, that so many of us can't find work, and we have less vacation time than any other civilized nation in the world

Having problems with Time-Warner's DVR
Maybe I won't switch from Replay so quickly

Accused Web Attacker Under House Arrest
High school senior created a Blaster variant

Hot (spot) in the city
A Wi-Fi tour of London

'That Stomach Is Going to Make You Money Someday'
Breaking into the world of competitive eating

Of monkeys and penguins
The Economist looks at SCO's capitalist crusade against the commie horde of Linux users

to Dean

Loan and Reprieve for Englewood Theater
John Harms will become the "Bergen Performing Arts Center at the John Harms Center"

John Ashcroft's Patriot Act Summer Tour
Rocking you with hits like: Don't Need No (Probable Cause)

Turn Back the Spam of Time
Time-travel spammer is serious

Smiles, frowns out on passport photos
Canadians not allowed to smile on passports

Anagram Man
"george walker bush" is an anagram for "beer keg lush go war"

The Real Underground
London underground maps

EarthLink Files Spamming Lawsuit
Targeting spammers clustered in Alabama and Canada