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December 31, 2003

December 30, 2003

Frampton's 'Wah' Makes a Comeback
Do you feel like we do?

RSS with CSS

Beware the city travel bugs!
At least they didn't find Mad Cow (BSE)

Know the Lingo
Criminal Law Slanguage

Not Festivus?

December 18, 2003

December 17, 2003

December 16, 2003

Once More, With Hobbits
Even for the internet, this is incredibly geeky

Nation's Safest Big City? Once Again, It's New York
Take that, 193 more dangerous cities!

Happy Birthday, Mac
Next year, drinking age!

December 15, 2003

Mission Accomplished - Makeover Complete
Queer Eye for the Dictator Guy

December 14, 2003

Life in the Big City
New York 1993 & 2003

Far Off the Course, Golf Becomes Adventure Sport
"It's not good form to try and hit the cows."

December 12, 2003

Sauron: Offer and acceptance
Geeky in far too many ways

December 11, 2003

December 10, 2003

And you wonder why I've given up on the debates?
"It only took 19 questions before something resembling a policy question was asked."

Steve Jobs: The Rolling Stone interview
"eighty percent of the people stealing music online don't really want to be thieves"

Ask MetaFilter
Soylent Green is people! people!

NYC water is good
very good

December 09, 2003

December 08, 2003

Best photos of the year
Big fish eats the little one...

The evolution of Due Process guarantees in military tribunals
with special emphasis on the 1980s action-adventure tv drama (see, e.g. U.S. v. Bacaras and Ex parte Knight)

December 06, 2003

December 04, 2003

Hot Links
Meta-linking linkbars

The Bush Background Generator!
"Miserable Failure"

Wait Until Next Year to Buy That Flat Panel TV
Unless, of course, you want to buy me one

December 03, 2003

Previously on effinchamp
Best. post. ever.

The Great Election Grab
When does gerrymandering become a threat to democracy?

Useful Latin phrases
I've always needed how to say "Stand aside, little people! I'm here on official business" in Latin

Tax the rich!
The Simple Life: 2 reasons to raise the estate tax

December 02, 2003

Hack the Vote
Psst. E-voting could be a big problem...

December 01, 2003

GOP to try to avoid coming to NYC when coming to NYC
Confirming that DeLay doesn't understand the meaning of "classy and upscale"

Sorry, Your Wallet Says Upper East Side
A frat row for the big city

Take From the Democrats and Give to the Republicans
In other words, NY gets screwed

20 Questions with Judge Posner

The Guts of a New Machine
2 years of iPod

Debate Grows Over Biotech Food
WaPo special report on GM food