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March 31, 2004

Lawyers ISO Love
The methodical, boring way to meet methodical, boring lawyers

March 30, 2004

Where is the Runaway Chef?
Tim Kelley goes on his own cook's tour

Looks interesting

March 29, 2004

Google adds some new tricks
Not surprisingly, Tara Calishain has the lowdown

HDTV Goes to See Britney Spears
And it's not pretty...

The Height Gap
Why Europeans are getting taller and taller—and Americans aren’t.

March 28, 2004

Ghost Town
Photos from Chernobyl

100 Years of Subway
This week's City section is subway-themed

Another Fare Hike?
Another $3 per month, perhaps

March 26, 2004

America's funniest Senators
Snow, Corzine, Kerry, McCain

Talking With the Googlers
David Pogue's Google cheat sheet

March 25, 2004

Anonymous Lawyer
"Making law students vomit. This is why I like being a lawyer."

March 23, 2004

China needs more lawyers
We have some extra ones here. Time to learn Chinese...

Why RSS Is Everywhere
All the info goodness of the blogosphere in a convenient snack size.

March 22, 2004

March 21, 2004
Money in politics data

March 20, 2004

City nightlife a $10 billion industry
and employs 95,500 people

March 19, 2004

Scalia's Originalism
An excellent summary

March 18, 2004

Opera information

March 17, 2004

The Cheeseburger Challenge 
Perhaps the fast food lobbyists should read the Commerce Clause again...

GOP Economics 101
A case study from Kentucky

Information Is Treason
Why Bush is worse than Reagan

Ski resort shooting war
Ski law. This is the field I should go into...

March 16, 2004

Blog Maverick
Mark Cuban's Weblog

The Black and Blue Album

Overworked, Understaffed, Undaunted
Federal Public Defender

March 15, 2004

The 10th planet in our Solar system?

March 12, 2004

Straphangers Campaign Annual Shmutz Survey
3 & 5 lines are the cleanest

March 11, 2004

This will be a busy blog...

Crazy, Random "Chris Rock Thing"
Perhaps someone should have told Chris about number portability

The Camera Never Lies, but the Software Can
15 years of Photoshop pranks

March 10, 2004

2nd Ave. Deli celebrates 50th anniversary
Rolls back prices on 3/15

March 9, 2004

In search of the deep Web
"Beneath the surface layer of company sites, blogs and porn lies another, hidden Web."

Promises, Promises
A picture is worth about 500 words

Puck Flick
Larionov goes to see Miracle

March 8, 2004

WordPerfect for DOS Updated
WordPerfect for DOS is still the greatest program ever written.

March 7, 2004

Your phone is obsolete
AT&T Wireless goes to GSM 850, requires subscribers to get new phones

All's Fair, Except the Coin
Even odds on a coin flip?

Really Silly Syndicators
Bring me the full text feeds

March 6, 2004

March 5, 2004

For These Men, Lots of Guts but Little Glory
This isn't intramurals. This isn't a dating service.

How To Speed-Read the Net
Slate gets RSS

It's the labor costs, stupid
How do discount airlines make money on low fares?

March 4, 2004

March 3, 2004

NHL Trade Tracker
Leetch a Leaf? That's not right.

world subways
presented on the same scale

Yub nub translated
Get your Ewok on

The Next Best Thing to Being President
NYU Law prof Stephen Gillers thinks the Big Dog would make a good veep

'Serenity' Greenlit
Firefly movie is on

Pete Rojas blogs about gadgets full-time. Not a bad gig.

March 2, 2004

March 1, 2004

Goodbye productive afternoon

NYC: 44th best quality of life
tied with Madrid and Kobe. Top cities are Zurich, Geneva, Vancouver and Vienna. Least attractive is Baghdad.

2% of Internet users blog
Pew Internet Project: Content Creation Online

In Alaska, Getting There Is Half the Fun
These away games are far away