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June 30, 2004

Covering Kerry
"Having lost not only his good looks but also his charisma, the once charming Kerry has apparently grown 'aloof'"

June 28, 2004

World's most expensive cities
Tokyo, London, Moscow and 6 others are more expensive than NYC

A guerrilla historian in Gotham

June 25, 2004

Office Space Wars
30 MB WMV file-- worth the download [via]

I'm glad I wasn't in his courtroom
Let me just say, "ewwww."

June 24, 2004

Presidential candidate ringtones
I approve this message

June 22, 2004

An iPod-based field guide to selected NYC pizzerias

His Moment in the Sun
Journalist plays clarinet with NY Phil. Very cool.

photos of the daily schlep

June 21, 2004

The Bluetooth old school telephone handset
Best use of Bluetooth yet

LA Times Electoral Vote Tracker
This is the 2000th Linky link!

June 19, 2004

Such Sorrow to Part With Cellphones
No mobiles at the US Open

Welcome To The Retro Future
Where's my flying car?

June 18, 2004

The Verdict: No Starz
The cable network's new online downloading service is just good enough to drive you to piracy

FreshDirect is cheaper
Of course, Food Emporium and Gristede's are horribly overpriced

June 17, 2004

The 'X-Box' Bar
I've got to get into video game law...

A great set of photos at Satan's Laundromat

Olympic Torch runs thorugh NYC
Saturday, rain or shine

New MT license prices
Very reasonable

June 16, 2004

When the Right Wine Is a Beer
Explore beer pairings

June 15, 2004

Which U.S. Cities Rock the Hardest?
San Francisco, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and Austin

Using computers to create music based on the preferences of Pitchfork reviewers

June 14, 2004

The Electras
John Kerry on bass guitar

Ten years after
Nine-teen Ninety-Four! Nine-teen Ninety-Four!

June 11, 2004

The Filet Mignon is Cancelled. Here, Eat These Rice Cakes.
"Even in death, he screws us one more time."

Underneath Their Robes
Page 6 for the Article III set

Inside the UWS Mormon temple
in the "sprit of (admittedly bizarre) intellectual curiosity"

Eat a Peach
How do you choose the sweetest, ripest summer fruit?

Perk Hogs
When the company is paying, price is no object.

Implosion World
When buildings fall in

June 10, 2004

Make your PC suck (slightly) less
Make it look like a Mac

June 09, 2004

Bush/Zombie Reagan 2004
82% more alive than Dick Cheney

June 08, 2004

June 07, 2004

We are Mainly Ians & Ans
But Ites and Ers in the Northeast

June 06, 2004

June 05, 2004

Transformers breakdancing
Soundwave, provide us with a beat

Structured Procrastination
Most of my procrastination is free-form

Broken Windows
Why are Windows users besieged by security exploits, but Mac users are not?

June 03, 2004

Sorry, gals; Ladies night nixed in N.J.
Is Ladies' Night discriminatory?

E-mail Confidential
Who's afraid of Time Inc.'s legal disclaimer?

Fine-Tuning Your Filter for Online Information
An NYT primer on RSS, which fails to inform readers where to find the RSS feeds for the NYT.

The Astor Place Development
chronological photos

Date set for historic spaceflight
First manned, private space flight expected on June 21

MP3 Blogs
Get your download on, in reverse chronological order

Bitter taste: $2 for pizza!
My neighborhood pizza place and falafel place both raised their prices in the same week.

June 01, 2004

If Only John Kerry Knew How to Sing
Number of votes for American Idol increasing faster than votes for President of the US

Bedbugs blitz city
Don't let the bedbugs bite...

The Thermochemical Joy of Cooking
Wired on Alton Brown