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January 31, 2005

Who Failed the C Train?
Bloomberg and Pataki

January 28, 2005

The Idiotarod
January 29, 2005

Social Security "Crisis" FAQ
"if we don’t do something right now it is going to EXPLODE!"

Sax Solos of the 80's
That Huey Lewis and the News one is actually pretty snazzy. [via]

January 27, 2005

January 26, 2005

A Humble Old Label Ices Its Rivals
Vodka tasting from the NYT. Does not include filtered cheap vodka.

January 25, 2005

January 24, 2005

Macintosh turns 21 today
Take your Powerbook to get a drink!

Raising a Glass in Manhattan. Actually Lots of Them.
A City Health Dept. study finds that the heaviest drinking neighborhoods in the city are Greenwich Village and Chelsea, with Brooklyn Heights-Park Slope atop the list for Brooklyn.

Heavy metal umlaut: the movie
How Wikipedia entries evolve

Easy Listening
KCRW goes East

January 22, 2005

January 21, 2005

The heavy metal umlaut
"It's like a pair of eyes. You're looking at the umlaut, and it's looking at you."

The tilt stil works
Make sure you get an iTune with your carbonated high-fructose corn syrup

January 20, 2005

There Is No Crisis
There is no imminent Social Security crisis

Back to the Basics of a Legible Hand
What's so bad about completely illegible handwriting?

January 19, 2005

Casinos, Malls Won't Fly
At least, don't expect them on the new A380

Law Journal Feeds
Get law journal headlines in RSS

January 18, 2005

The next space race
$50m for sending 5 people into orbit

The scandal sheet
The 34 scandals of the Bush administration, so far

January 14, 2005

Don't Buy American
Some brands are perceived to be more American than others

Pair arrested for telling lawyer jokes
"Legal reformers" charged with disorderly conduct in courthouse

Samurai of Cuisine, on a New Battlefield
Iron Chef America starts on Sunday

January 12, 2005

The Dark Room Magic of NPR
um, er, um, yeah

Borat goes to the rodeo
"If he had been out there a minute longer, I think somebody would have shot him"

January 9, 2005

Skyline to Fall Line
Skiing in the Catskills

January 1, 2005