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June 30, 2005

Vlogs in iTunes
iTunes not only does podcast, but does videoblogs, too

June 28, 2005

Mr. Hamburger
reviews burgers around NYC.

NPR Live Concert Series
From the 9:30 club. Shows featured so far include Bloc Party, The Decemberists and Wilco

How do you keep your Russian language skills at an advanced level?
I don't, but it wouldn't be a bad idea...

The Big Fish
Ten years later, the story of, the first great website

June 26, 2005

June 24, 2005

How to become an overnight internet rock star
Crying, While Eating and the sad, hungry climb to Internet stardom

June 23, 2005

Beyond Wi-Fi: Laptop Heaven but a Price
Wide area broadband is a great concept, but hampered by high prices and unnecessarily restrictive terms of service

June 22, 2005

Testing, testing
The only thing the new SAT writing test measures is a student's aptitude for B.S.

Open Letter to Kansas School Board
"Let us remember that there are multiple theories of Intelligent Design. I and many others around the world are of the strong belief that the universe was created by a Flying Spaghetti Monster."

Consumer Vertigo
Can too much choice become a bad thing?

More than half of all humans will soon be living in cities
"Psychologically, it is an important step for mankind"

Can We Trust Track & Field Records?
How accurate are they?

A Shocking Thing Happened to the Big Popsicle. It Melted.
"Pedestrians were fleeing in not-quite terror, fire trucks were converging and the police were closing off streets to contain the publicity stunt gone wrong."

June 21, 2005

Does a Duck Have a Soul?
The controversy over foie gras

“How would you like to be attached to the Red Army?”
A cameraman at Yalta tells what it was like to spend a few days in claustrophobic luxury with Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin

June 20, 2005

Summer Moon Illusion
The lowest-hanging full moon in 18 years is going to play tricks on you this week

a community directory of freely available music

Abandoned Russia
Photo base of abandonned plants, unfinished buildings, industrial sites in Russia

Portable Rotary Phone
This actually looks way cool.

The truth of making sweet music
A professional oboist lifts the curtain on sex, drugs and nepotism in the world of classical music

Surprising Expiration Dates
Honey has an "indefinite" shelf life

25 Years of The Blues Brothers
"'The Blues Brothers' is the best movie ever made in Chicago." [via]

June 17, 2005

Stream music to your phone using iTunes and skype
Why bother with an iPod if you have unlimited calls?

June 16, 2005

June 15, 2005

For 20 Bucks, Is It Worth It?
What is the value of Restaurant Week?

Civilization Anonymous
12 step program to break the cycle of Civ addiction. It becomes available after building the Cure for Cancer wonder. [via]

June 14, 2005

Luna Lounge's Efficient Destruction
Last show Saturday night, gutted by Monday

Never IM in This Town Again!
Status: need a job.

June 13, 2005

Big Apple Barbecue Block Party '05
Unfortunately, I couldn't make this year's. More coverage at Gothamist.

States Ranked Smartest to Dumbest
MA is the "smartest," NJ #4, NY #6.

June 12, 2005

Mammoth still going strong
Skiing until July 4th in California...

Not Ready for Their Close-Up - New York Times
HDTV is higher resolution than many celebrities

Malcolm Gladwell: the post-office writer
"Desks are now banished."

June 10, 2005

The Simpsons movie is on
After discussions for the last 15 years or so

The Frill Is Gone
The romance of air travel is no more

Wireless Carriers' Veto Over How Phones Work Hampers Innovation
"It isn't a phone until 'Harry' says it's a phone."

June 08, 2005

Cheap Chow Now!
Village Voice choice of 100 Best Cheap Eats

Smoke and the City: A Barbecue Cook-Off
Remember: The Big Apple Barbecue Block Party is this weekend.

Terminal Futility
"Routine airport security is a hugely costly and oppressive system that is designed to maintain the illusion of safety and the delusion that the state is protecting its citizens"

June 07, 2005

Stadium Failure Is Latest Big Project to Fail in N.Y.
NYC seems to have lost the ability to think big

State ends West Side Stadium
isn't it wonderful that the NY state legislative process is entirely controlled by three people?

Plunk Biggio
A blog following Craig Biggio's journey towards breaking the all-time major league career record for getting hit by pitches

Garfield's Garfood
X-Entertainment reviews Garfield-branded junk food

June 05, 2005

The Blurb Racket
Where do movie ad blurbs come from?

Download all 9 Beethoven Symphonies from the BBC
Performed by the BBC Philharmonic, conducted by Gianandrea Noseda.

Rising doctors' premiums not due to lawsuit awards
Malpractice insurance companies have raised doctors' premiums not because of a drastic increase in jury awards and settlements, but to compensate for falling investment returns.

America's DNA
"I worry that 20 years from now some eighth grader will be doing her National History Day project on how America's reaction to 9/11 unintentionally led to an erosion of core elements of American identity."

I Pity The Dolls!
A Collection of Contemporary and Vintage Mr. T Dolls

The Record Effect
How technology has transformed the sound of music

The Science of Consistency
Fictional universes and the fans who rationalize them

Devoid of Content
"Most composition courses that American students take today emphasize content rather than form."