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July 31, 2005

The $8.78 Million Maneuver
Alex Wellen on law school rankings

July 23, 2005

Harry Potter and the Reasonable Wizard
How law school is like Hogwarts [via]

July 22, 2005

The nutrition info about my lunch today is frightening...

All in all, MBE-land is a pretty horrible place
"Nothing good ever happens to these people."

Curbed's take on restaurants in NYC

So You Want to Write a Book?
An O'Reilly guide for new authors

Lawmakers move to extend daylight-saving time - Jul 22, 2005
"The beauty of daylight-saving time is that it just makes everyone feel sunnier," said Rep. Markey (D-MA).

July 21, 2005

Top 10 Web fads
All your links are belong to them

July 20, 2005

Google Moon
In honor of the first manned moon landing

July 19, 2005

Seems like prepping for the bar is all about mnemonics...

Reporter Guy
David Remnick looks at the Colbert Report

Think Progress: Supreme Court Extra
Former Supreme Court clerks blog the nomination/confirmation process

AIM Fight
I'm not popular

July 18, 2005

Harry Potter and the half-baked hack
A review of a counterfeit HP game for the NES

News Corp. to Acquire
All your fan base are belong to Murdoch

A Pass on Privacy?
Trading convenience for privacy with EZ-Pass

July 17, 2005

New York Authorizes Out-of-State Wine Shipments
Just in time to celebrate finishing the Bar!

July 16, 2005

Creators hope 'The Firm' will show young lawyers in a positive light
David E. Kelley takes reality TV to lawyers

July 15, 2005

Harry Potter & the Mercer Street Muggles
No HBP until after the Bar...

July 14, 2005

See hwere zipcodes are

The Engadget Guide to How Palm Became Palm Again
Through US Robotics, 3Com, Handspring and PalmOne

July 13, 2005

NHL and NHLPA agree to a deal
About F*%(ing time. Only a year late.

July 12, 2005

Global Voices Online
Now, with extra snaziness

On The Debilitating Effects Of [Diet Coke] Welfare
"Coke put me in this situation where I feel like a wronged, government-cheese-stealing welfare queen, whose resentment builds with the fresh taunt of each unredeemable winning lid I find"

Live from Kennedy Space Center - 2 Days Before Launch
Jeff is photographing the shuttle launch

Man for Right to Get Drunk
He's going to fight. For his right. To party.

July 11, 2005

Self-Stimulating Simulation
An unlikely (and somewhat disturbing) MBE question

Brooklyn Judge Removed for Misconduct
BLS, represent. Hmm, maybe this isn't such a good thing...

Techniques To Manage Procrastination
Eh, I'll read these later

July 10, 2005
"You don't know the history of psychiatry."

We're Not in Watergate Anymore
"No reporter went to jail during Watergate. No news organization buckled like Time. No one instigated a war on phony premises. This is worse than Watergate."

July 08, 2005

Schneier on Security: London Transport Bombings
"Smart counterterrorism focuses on the terrorists and their funding -- stopping plots regardless of their targets -- and emergency response that limits their damage."

Blogging and your job
Useful, even if blogging is your job...

Bob Novak Is a Pathetic, Unethical, Unpatriotic Hack
Why is Judy Miller going to jail and Bob Novak going scot free?

July 06, 2005

The Supreme Court nomination in the Press
All politics all the time

A Brief History of NeXT
What Steve Jobs did on his summer vacation exile from Apple

Join the Eyebeam Open Lab
Apply for a one-year fellowship

H.R.3073. The end run around the Constitution act
"What it actually is, however, is an attempt to strip the Supreme Court of the power to rule acts of legislation unconstitutional."

Wage Slaves
Inside an MMO sweatshop

Playing Kickball is Much Less Fun With Adults Involved
Rivals Squabble Over Rights, Web Sites and Operations; Bagpipers and Bikinis

July 05, 2005

'The Worst Ballpark in the World'
Shea, not surprisingly

A BLT on the BMT?
Eating on subways and buses isn't illegal... yet.

Dear Blog: Today I Worked on My Book
"By feeding and engaging their readers' curiosity, are they destroying the market for the books that they, after all, are paid to write?"

July 03, 2005

Musicians Forced Into Fakery
Even classical musicians have to play to tape for teevee...

July 02, 2005