photos: agents of good roots: july 14, 2000

Some photos from the July 14, 2000 show up in Albany, NY.

The room was dark and shooting without the flash gave some nice colors, but it also left the photos very prone to blurring when there was movement in them. These are nice, though. As always, all of these were taken with my Olympus D-450 digital camera.

The set ended with them playing Lou Reed's "Take a Walk on the Wild Side" and breaking down the stage while playing so that the local band that was promised a feature could play a full set. That's professionalism.

640 x 480
JC Kuhl, saxophone

433 x 459
JC and Andrew Winn, guitar

640 x 480
Stewart Myers, bass guitar

374 x 640

419 x 480

640 x 480
that shadow up front is Phil taking the keyboard off the stage

640 x 480
Brian playing as his drum kit gets taken apart piece by piece

545 x 428
Andrew and Stew doing the surfer guitar like thing

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and then, there were two...

640 x 480
last man standing

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