photos: bela fleck and the flecktones at the beacon theater

from the sold-out beacon theater show the night after thanksgiving.

I'm very disappointed with the vast majority of what I shot. I'm disappointed with these shots, but I think I realize what some of my mistakes were... next time I can fix them (or just be on the ball and get better seats!)

434 x 197
horn section: paul hanson, jeff coffin, john clark

557 x 387
bela, vic, jeff, futch

366 x 300
vic solo on 2 basses

515 x 291
bela and andy narrell on steel pans

556 x 260
vic and jeff

639 x 215
4 (out of focus) guys

602 x 402
bela, paul, jeff, john and futch

767 x 275
the big band: sandip, andy, vic, bela, paul, jeff, john, futch

500 x 208
the whole band

747 x 237

640 x 480

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