photos: russia, fall 1998
These are all photographs that I took while I was in Moscow in Fall 1998 and have now scanned. I still have a few more photos that I want to scan, and want to write better text, and I have to fix up the code-- right now you need javascript to open the full sized pictures (don't worry-- most browsers have javascript.)

Click on the photographs for a larger image.

The Kremlin The Kremlin, from Red Square. The real photograph is really crisp, but somehow the scan of it isn't quite so crisp. This was taken on December 17, 1998.
Red Square Red Square, the same day.
Alexandrovsky Sad Alexandrovsky Sad (Alexander's Garden), the same day. (That was my day of photographing Moscow, if you hadn't guessed it already.)
Sunset over the Moscow River Sunset over the Moscow River. You can see the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, Moscow State University, and the Kremlin. I took this sometime in September from my balcony.
Starlight Diner The Starlight Diner (at Mayakovskaya.) A diner, Moscow style.
Sunset over YaroslavlSunset in Yaroslavl. This is a really nice picture of a cool looking sunset in a really not so cool place.
St. Basil's Cathedral Did you really expect photos of Moscow NOT to include St. Basil's Cathedral?
St. Basil's CathedralWhere I lived. The vysotka apartment building at kotelnichiskaya. (I lived in one of the wings, which you can't see in this photo, that's not particularly high up.
All photos are copyright 1998-1999 by Andrew Raff