Why Can't We Get CBC Here?

February 16, 2002

I'm disappointed with NBC's coverage of the Winter Olympics. It is better (and less shmalzy) than CBS's Nagano coverage, but still not very good. I looked up today's schedule to see when the Men's Super G is going to be on. (8:30-9:15 pm) I appreciate showing highlights in the evening (especially during the week), but why can't they also show the entire race live?

Why not at least show highlights live and show the entire race on tape late night? NBC claimed that CNBC and MSNBC would be used to show more live coverage. Then why are there no Olympic sports on MSNBC today? Why is there no live alpine skiing coverage at all?

American TV execs just don't seem to get it. The Olympics are about sport. Sports creates its own stories and the less you surround those stories with annoying crap, the purer stories are more entertaining, more emotional and more fun to watch. I'm disappointed, NBC. Try respecting your viewing audience and giving us more options to watch the games. You can sell more commercials by showing both complete coverage for the more involved fans and highlights for the casual fans and have more happy viewers. Watch the CBC coverage. They understand how to broadcast the Olympics.

Posted by Andrew Raff at February 16, 2002 11:54 AM