March 4, 2002

Last night, I headed down to the the Knitting Factory to check out Regan performing with Andrew Winn and bassist Pat Turner. While it was the AGR side project I was least interested in seeing, the show rocked-- especially considering that it was an acoustic one. Regan is up here to master her new album (recorded with Stewart Myers), which I am now looking forward to. She has some great songs and is an excellent performer. Stay tuned for more details on the album as I get them.

This was in the Knit's tiny AlterKnit room, which I didn't even realize existed (it's off to the side of the Tap Room). Since there were no more than 15 people there (and a bunch of them were there with Chris Keup, who played some songs to open), it was definately an intersting setting. [Setlist (via Bryan Hall)]

Posted by Andrew Raff at March 4, 2002 12:46 PM