Go Fair Use!

March 14, 2002

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We are advocating a Consumer Technology Bill of Rights that will positively assert a consumer's rights to fair use. The Bill of Rights will guarantee your ability to use your own digital media in the way that you choose.

also Walt Mossberg: DigitalConsumer Takes Up the Fight Against Copyright Plans in Congress

and The NY Times: Piracy, or Innovation? It's Hollywood vs. High Tech

Mr. Eisner said in an interview that it was "easy to encourage us to overlook the pirates when you're making the sword." He said he doubted that any new business model could compete with digital copies that were free, flawless and accessible from the comfort of his prospective customers' living rooms.

Why not try? Legitimate digital downloading of music would take off if it was easier to find and more reliable to download than the alternative. Instead of worrying about what might be lost, think about what might be gained.

Posted by Andrew Raff at March 14, 2002 02:50 PM