April 19, 2002

I caught a very entertaining set from Regan with Andrew Winn and Patrick Turner last night at The Bitter End last night. Highlights included "Much Worse" with Regan singing-- I was able to catch a lot more of the lyrics than when Andrew sang it with Agents; While Andrew was soling in "Come Dance," Patrick did something that resulted in the bridge and all the strings coming unattached from his upright bass (pop!) Some random girl came up on stage to do interperative dance and sit in a chair next to Andrew sipping her drink. Andrew proceeded to borrow her drink to play a slide guitar solo using the glass, down the remaining half of the drink and go on to continue soloing with the empty glass as a slide. Regan's album is due out April 30, though I don't know what kind of distribution (if any) it will be getting.

Posted by Andrew Raff at April 19, 2002 04:42 PM