Shocker: Record Labels Screw Over Musicians

April 23, 2002

Damien Cave in Salon: Musician to Napster judge: Let my music go

Professor and msuciant Joseph Byrd: "The record companies' representation that they are legitimate agents for their artists is false," he continued. "The only payments they make are to those who have the means to force them to be accountable; to the rest, a vast majority, they pay nothing. Therefore, allowing them to collect fees in our behalf does not serve the public interest. I personally would prefer to allow my music to be freely shared, to the present situation, in which only the corporations stand to gain. Until this is changed, the record companies and publishers deserve nothing."

Because low to mid level artists haven't collected royalties on their music, they can't afford to take the record labels to court to get those royalties. Technology is changing the way that music is produced and is beginning to change the way it is distributed. The longer that the major label oligarchy tries to prop up its failing system, the less influence they are going to have when artists and fans find a way that makes more economic sense for both sides with a new support apparatus.

Posted by Andrew Raff at April 23, 2002 12:20 PM