Can we get a do-over here?

April 25, 2002

All they are teaching gives peace no chance: At a few Gaza schools, children get an education in hate

Six days a week, kindergarten teacher Samira Ali El Hassain tells her class of 30 5-year-old boys and girls what makes the world go round.

"Who are the Jews?" she asks.

The children know the answer by heart: "The enemy!" they reply in unison.

"And what should we do to them?" Hassain asks in a voice that is as casual as when she discussed chickens and eggs.

"Kill them!" the children cry out.

Educating children to hate will only drag people deeper into conflict and prevent any end. It's amazing that for two societies in such small an area, neither understands the other and many people don't want to. I'll point out POV: Promises again, which is an excellent film.

Posted by Andrew Raff at April 25, 2002 01:21 PM