I have a bad feeling about this

May 17, 2002

Unfortunately, no one paid attention to the "noise" before 9/11: Foreboding Increased, but No Single Agency Had All the Clues. I'm somehat relieved to know that there was intelligence gathered on the plans and Al Quada's involvement-- it makes our intelligence services seem less incompetent at gathering data. Unfortunately, the problem is analyzing that data. At EMarketer, we can get overwhelmed with new research data, but the CIA is dealing with an order of magnitude more of fresh intelligence.

On the other hand, the way this was released makes the Bush Administration look much worse. Not necessarily for not acting correctly, but for their continued push to keep Congress from investigating. Tey have the appearance of wanting to hide something. Having blind faith in this president will create less security than if this process breakdowns are investigated.

Posted by Andrew Raff at May 17, 2002 02:56 PM