I'm guilty

May 24, 2002

I'll admit it. I watched Fox's Celebrity Boxing 2 on Wednesday. it's hard to not watch an event that is just so absurd. Manute Bol vs. The Fridge. Screech vs. Horshack. Joey Buttafuoco vs. Chyna. Yes, it's lowbrow, yes, it's ridiculous, but that's entertainment!

ESPN Page 2's Bill Simmons watched and wrote about it. He asks:

Why does Fox try to present this like it's a serious boxing card? Why not hire two comedians just to rip on everyone?

He should have listened to the Ron & Fez "Big-Ass Simulcast" which was just that-- two comedians ripping on the entire event. They provided a running commentary and fielded live callers. A very interesting use of multi-media entertainment. Even though both are broadcast, the radio show is interactive and real-time commentary, like a participatory MST3K, but more moderated than a real-time internet chat would be.

Posted by Andrew Raff at May 24, 2002 12:43 PM