Random stats

June 13, 2002

I love how it's so easy to find random information on the web, when looking for other information. For example, Prepared Foods March 2002 - Market Trends: Delis Deliver

Slicing into a Share of the Deli
Prepared meals have made gains in supermarket foodservice, as evidenced by their percent of service deli sales.
Sliced meats28.6%28.4%34.2%
Hot entrees10.9%10.6%10.2%
Prepared chicken10.4%10.1%7.3%
Other meat5.4%5.9%1.4%
Source: Deli Update; Progressive Grocer; International Dairy Deli Bakery Assoc.; PF

I feel like I've learned something today. I'd also be very surprised if there are any other blogs out there linkning to info about the deli industry this week...

Posted by Andrew Raff at June 13, 2002 05:46 PM