The ambience of a bar, at work

July 16, 2002

Murph's Guide to NY Bars: Bar Room Banter, a very long list of overheard quotes:

Woman #1: Do you have college beers?
Bartender: What's that?
Woman #1: Bud, Coors Light. You know, the kind of beers you drank in college.
Bartender: I drank Guinness in college.
Woman #2: I'll have a Heineken - the graduate school beer.

"I can't rip off a bar. I love bars. I want them to stay in business."

Woman # 1: I don't understand men's obsession with boobs.
Man # 1: What, are you kidding me?!?! Men are obsessed with what they don't have.
Woman #2: Men don't have vaginas, either.
Man #2: Hello! Name the other thing men are obsessed with!

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