July 19, 2002

Let's be controversial and show up in the Daypop Top 40 by recommending getting rid of overrated "sacred cow" albums.
Let's see how pretentious we can be.

Most jazz created after the Big Band era is essentially musical masturbation (and like masturbation, if you must do it, you should do it in private!). It's self-indulgent noodling interesting only to the person playing it, a few fetishists, and lots of psuedo-intellectuals and wannabe hipsters who have to pretend to like it because it's "cool." Like porno, it's dismissive of and degrading to both the performer and the viewer. People who watch porno do so alone for a reason... it's embarrassing. Some pornos are glossier and prettier than others, and Coltrane may be the John Holmes of jazz, but porno is still porno, and Giant Steps is still a tedious, embarrassing, snoozer of an album.

Interesting idea, though. (via Daypop (via every other blog in existence))

Posted by Andrew Raff at July 19, 2002 02:54 PM
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