August 15, 2002

Since I'm starting law school next week (and no, I'm not ready), I've started searching out some good law-related blogs (blawgs.) If nothing, these should be an easy way to find articles when I'm too busy to post.

For starting point, I like Ernie the Attorney and his very cool lawblog outline.

At the top of the heap are: Bag and Baggage, Outside Counsel, How Appealing, Unbillable Hours,, Trademark blog.

Harvard and Yale get all Slash-y at Greplaw and Lawmeme. Harvard's Donna Wentworth writes Copyfight at Corante.

Captain Warblogger Glenn Reynolds is a law professor. Law professor Eugene Volokh and cohorts blog at The Volokh Conspiracy

Who Stole the Tarts is excellent, and especially excellent for Alice's advice to first-years (thanks!)

Posted by Andrew Raff at August 15, 2002 01:11 AM
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