Music on parade

August 18, 2002

As I was walking to the subway this afternoon, I saw a parade marching up 63rd St, then up Amsterdam to 66th St. It seemed very random, with a very formal marching band, a very loose marching band, some guy with an acoustic guitar, and a company of pipers. This was Convergence

A highlight of Lincoln Center Out of Doors' 32nd season, CONVERGENCE: SOME PARADES FOR CHARLIE'S DAD makes its New York debut with over 1000 participants including choral, percussion, samba and marching band ensembles. A series of parades, CONVERGENCE is an experiment in musical collision in the spirit of Charles Ives: marching ensembles of varied styles play different compostition simultaneously

Posted by Andrew Raff at August 18, 2002 07:52 PM
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Wow, you actually analyzed stuff in the PDA report? I thought you just paraphrased charts. Isn't that what you were supposed to do?

Posted by: Dave Berkowitz on August 20, 2002 03:21 PM