I'm an other expert

August 27, 2002

A couple weeks ago, a reporter for the Orlando Sentinel contacted me about Conversations with the Active Buddies and we talked about IM bots in general. Here's his article: Kids buddy up with digital pals

But other experts say kids aren't as easily duped as critics think. "Marketers are always trying to exploit teens, but teens are so much more savvy about instant messaging than the marketers," says Andrew Raff of Brooklyn, N.Y.The 24-year-old law student maintains a Web journal, "Buzz Rant and Rave," that covers music, culture, politics and technology. "The high school kids have instant messaging ingrained in their culture. Anyone trying to market to them will have to know their culture inside out."

Wow, what a smart and witty quote. I think that expert should be offered a good job that will pay him lots of money.

Minor nitpick: BRR is a collaborative site, and I'm much less involved now that I'm in school.

Posted by Andrew Raff at August 27, 2002 09:40 PM
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