Speakeasy style

September 15, 2002

I went to 55 Bar Friday night to see David Binney and friends. The friends included Brian Blade (drums), Chris Potter (tenor) and Craig Taborn (rhodes), three younger palyers whose stuff I dig. I'd never been to 55 before, but it's a nice small venue with no real stage; the band sets up in a corner of the room. There were some great solos from Binney, Potter, Taborn and Scott Colley (bass.) Blade is one of my favorite drummers, and here he was playing around with strongly accented after beats and the concept of meter. (That description is intentionally vague and somewhat meaningless for now.) Even though I was not familiar with his work, I dig Binney's songs.

Posted by Andrew Raff at September 15, 2002 04:13 PM
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