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September 30, 2002

Dan Gillmor: Studios' copyright goal is total control

To protect a business model and thwart even the possibility of infringement, the cartel wants technology companies to ask permission before they can innovate. The media giants want to keep information flow centralized, to control the new medium as if it's nothing but a jazzed-up television

On a similar topic, Doc Searls: Action on the Bored Level

It was clear to me at Digital Hollywood this week that Hollywood ï¿‘ at least at the top level ï¿‘ has no clues about what the Net is, much less about how to exploit its nature, which puts demand in direct contact with supply and gives both equal power to work things out.

Finally, BusinessWeek's Jane Black on Eldred v. Ashcroft: A Case to Define the Digital Age

Posted by Andrew Raff at September 30, 2002 03:25 PM
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