Take a Chance on me

October 31, 2002

Pud has the full Clifford Chance Associates memo. The associates have some concrete suggestions to improve the quality of life at the firm:

  • "Put plates and utensils in the pantries, so that people working late can avoid eating out of containers.

  • "Have people submit nominations for staff members who have done a particularly good job, draw one nomination at random, announce what was written (perhaps in "Americas Today" or of a firm social) and give the winner $100.

  • Bigger refrigerator on 52.

  • Get rid of the shabby office furniture and buy ergonomically correct chairs. Many associates have commented that the chairs they have hurt their backs.

  • " Free shoe shines.

  • " Give out corporate accessories and toys.

  • " Give a prize to associates who publish scholarly articles.

  • " Let associates who publish articles publish them in their own names."

And they'd like the 2420 billable hour requirement relaxed.

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Posted by Andrew Raff at October 31, 2002 08:53 AM
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