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November 13, 2002

New words in the OED. NYT: Latest Word: 'Klingons' in, 'Muggles' Not Quite

"Obviously the majority of language references is not made up of fun phrases like 'go commando,' and we spend a lot of time arguing with equal vehemence about things that would seem extremely obscure to average people,"
Other new words to make it into the dictionary include "wannabe," "aerobicist," "body-piercing," "comb-over," "lipectomy," "body mass index," "orthorexia," "Botox," "Viagra" "Prozac.", "Falun Gong" and the "Taliban." "Klingons," "Jedi knights" and the "Force" are joined by other sci-fi favorites "dilithium," "warp drive, "dark side, "mind-meld" and "Luke Skywalker."

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