No movie downloads for you!

November 18, 2002

Macs have a number of easy to use tools for creating and managing audio and video, such as iMovie and iTunes, but to be the type of mere consumer the movie industry wants, no Macs allowed

Posted by Andrew Raff at November 18, 2002 03:54 PM
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Hey the mac's don't have digital Restriction management that is a big deal. Besides those are all movies that you can pick up from the video store. I give this venture 10 months until they go chapter 11.

Posted by: Jake on November 18, 2002 07:39 PM

I think the fact that no DRM (Digital Rights Management) scheme has been introduced on the Mac yet is the differing philosophies of the media technology developers. Microsoft and Real are focused on the PC as a playback device-- one where "content creators" can decide how their content will be used. Apple is focused on the personal computer as a creativity tool-- enabling the user to create and manage digital media in the way that is most convenient to the user. As a result, DRM is a very low priority for Apple, since they see Quicktime (and OS X) as a creativity enabler, not a mere playback device. Apple's multimedia vision is consistent with the idea of the Internet as a two-way medium supporting the democratization of information and distribution, while the Microsoft/Real approach to DRM is more consistent with the traditional, limited, one-way distribution from a few sources.

I agree that Movielink is either a premature idea or an effort at creating a preemptive failure. Why would I for the same price wait 2 hours to download a movie to watch on my computer instead of walking 5 minutes to the video store and getting a higher quality DVD?

Posted by: Andrew Raff on November 19, 2002 03:38 AM