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December 10, 2002

As bad as it may seem to be a student this time of year (and my crim law exam was not fun), we should appreciate just how easy we have it here in the US.

Iranian students have more than just exams to deal with. As they work against a repressive government to secure key freedoms, Iran Student Movement Finds New Vitality.

Students "would not burst into such protests if they had basic freedoms such as wearing what they wish, listening to music or if men and women could freely mingle, and have normal lives," said one student, Sajad Ghorghi, 22. But because there are bans on such simple freedoms, he said, the students have to express their demands in political terms.

Reza Delbari, 24, said he would graduate this year, but even if he was lucky enough to find a job, he would earn only $150 a month, not enough to even rent a room.

"Then I have to be intimidated and humiliated every day by people who want to say what is religiously right," he said. "We cannot even decide for our own future."

In Iran, our contemporaries are fighting against a repressive government for those things we take for granted-- economic opportunity (if any will be left after Bushonomics) and the freedoms to surf the web, watch MTV and not have government spies watching our every movement.

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