December 16, 2002

Today was the conclusion of this year's edition of one of the more unique events in sports, 24 Hours of Aspen, in which skiers compete to see who can complete the most runs in 24 hours. That's one long day of riding the gondola up and skiing down 3,267 vertical feet.

The fastest lap on record, 2:10.98, was set in 1998 by brothers Martin and Graham Bell from Great Britain. (A lap is 2.69 linear miles.)

The most vertical feet skied in 24 hours by a man is 271,161 (83 laps.) Earning the nickname "Superman," Chris Kent of Canada set the world record in 1991. The record still stands.

The most vertical feet skied in 24 hours by a woman is 261,360 (80 laps). The world record, which still stands, was set by Kate McBride and Anda Rojs in 1997.

Check out the video of a racer's point of view.

Posted by Andrew Raff at December 16, 2002 08:25 PM
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