Idiot's Delight Doesn't Stream Anymore

January 13, 2003

The DMCA makes radio host Vin Scelsa takes his archives off-line. Vin Scelsa goes offline

In order to be in compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act which covers certain aspects of how music can be presented over the Internet, WFUV has to examine all archived shows to make sure each show meets the following requirements:

Simply stated, in any given three hour period:
- No more than 3 songs from one album; no more than 2 played consecutively
- No more than 4 songs from a set/compilation; no more than 3 played consecutively
- No more than 4 recorded songs by the same artist (live studio appearances are okay)

Some archived Idiot's Delight shows meet these requirements "by chance" and some do not. But I have decided to ask that all Idiot's Delight shows be removed from the archives and all further live streaming of the show desist. The alternative would be to remove some shows or edit out certain segments of some shows not in compliance (in the case of archived shows) and to create new live shows under the onus of the law. In other words, the alternative would be to accept and comply with the rules.

I will not accept or comply with this these nonsensical, misguided government rules and regulations ... and I will not participate in a system of compliance under which some of my shows meet the requirements (and can thus continue to be archived) and some do not.

I have made my decision to withdraw my material completely from the Internet in protest of the government's interference with my artistic freedom to create my show in a manner determined by me - not Congress, the "music industry" or a pack of lawyers. I have not spent 35 years in broadcast radio fighting for my right to artistic freedom only to give in at this point to a piece of legislative idiocy.

Posted by Andrew Raff at January 13, 2003 01:41 PM
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