Have low expectations

February 18, 2003

Expect minimal blogging for the next week, until my draft moot court brief is out the door and kicking ass.

Here are some un-annotated links for your browsing pleasure:

Michael Wolff: What, Us Worry? Yes, Us Worry. "The impending war, the threat of terrorism, and the troubles on Wall Street, in the media business, and with the economy as a whole are creating a perfect storm of anxiety for New Yorkers. Is this a passing phase? Or (gulp) our new reality?" (via Gawker)

Attorneys Suck: You know Fuckhead. "I will not be like Fuckhead."

Sour Bob: People Actually Say These Things to Me. "The following are real bits of conversations that Bob and his cohorts have had with the functionally retarded" (via Paul's Boutique)

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