Fun with media consolidation

June 2, 2003

FCC Statement: "Today, we complete the most exhaustive and comprehensive review of our broadcast ownership rules ever undertaken."

FCC Chairman Powell lays out three goals:

  1. Reinstating legally enforceable broadcast ownership limits that promote diversity, localism and competition.
  2. Building modern rules that take proper account of the explosion of new media outlets for news, information and entertainment, rather than perpetuate the graying rules of a bygone black and white era
  3. Striking a careful balance that does not unduly limit transactions that promote the public interest, while ensuring that no company can monopolize the medium

FCC Review of the broadcast rules

F.C.C. Votes to Relax Rules Limiting Media Ownership

Washington Post: FCC Votes to Ease Media Ownership Rules

San Jose Mercury's Dan Gillmor: FCC's Powell must be held to his word

Neil Pollack: Who Cares Who Owns The Media?

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