June 5, 2003

While it's possible to get a decent slice of pizza just about anywhere in NYC, a few places stand out above the rest. I went to John's on Bleecker St. tonight and had some great pizza. From my experience, John's (Bleecker St.), Patsy's (East Harlem) and Grimaldi's (Brooklyn Heights/DUMBO) stand out as three of the better pizza places in the city.

Even though John's and Patsy's have franchised around the city, the original locations are far superior to the new, more upscale copies. The pizza at the clone locations are not as crisp as at the original locations. Perhaps an inverse relationship exists between pizza quality and dining room classiness.

I'd link to Steven Shaw's review of the classic NY pizza places here, but his site, the fat guy is "being redesigned" and the archives have vanished. (The Internet Archive has a copy.) Shaw is associated with eGullet, a food site with a blog and discussion board. eGullet's message board is much better than Chowhound, since eGullet uses modern forum software, while Chowhound's forums are very slow to load and relatively annoying to use.

Posted by Andrew Raff at June 5, 2003 11:08 AM
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