June 12, 2003

Last night, I caught Chris Potter play a set at 55 Bar, with Adam Rogers (guitar), James Genus (bass) and Nate Smith (drums). All in all, a good set, with some great new songs, which featured strong grooves and interesting time signatures. They opened with a cover of Radiohead's "Morning Bell," which was an interesting, well-done cover. Just another part of a trend of jazz and classical artists covering Radiohead songs.

Brad Mehldau covered Paranoid Android on Largo.

Pianist Christopher O'Riley ponders What if Radiohead Were Pianohead? on his latest recording, True Love Waits, a collection of 15 Radiohead songs transcribed for solo piano. He appeared on NPR Performance Today: Live in Studio 4A: Christopher O'Riley, which features some streaming audio from his album.

Speaking of Radiohead, I checked iTunes on Tuesday to try to buy Hail to the Theif, but was ultimately thwarted, since none of Radiohead's catalog is included in iTunes.

Posted by Andrew Raff at June 12, 2003 08:59 AM
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Mehldau has made covering Radiohead a specialty of his, which is a good thing, since he does pretty interesting interpretations of their songs.

Posted by: TPB, Esq. on July 1, 2003 11:06 PM