TMQ Haiku

October 21, 2003

Until this week, I always enjoyed reading Gregg Easterbrook's erudite football column, Tuesday Morning Quarterback, both on ESPN and when it used to be on Slate. So instead, and in the spirit of TMQ, here is some haiku about the Easterbrook scandal:

Easterbrook blog post:
Jewish execs are greedy,
violent films bad.

A poor choice of words,
at best. At worst, offensive,

Foot planted in mouth,
Easterbrook fired by Mouse
columns disappear

Other opinions:
Volokh, Shafer, Atrios,
Lessig, Marshall, Times

More: Jarvis, MeFi,
Ernie, Kaufman, TNR
DeLong and Talkleft

Bonus points for whoever can write a haiku that mentions the "Official Brother of TMQ," Seventh Circuit Judge Frank Easterbrook.

Posted by Andrew Raff at October 21, 2003 02:00 PM
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