November 25, 2003

The major TV networks and Nielsen Media Research wonder why males, ages 18-35, watch less television. The study seeks to blame this decrease in viewing on the appeal of cable TV, video games and the internet (while not addressing the impact of books or this new-fangled thing called real life, which is like interactive 3-D TV.)

While I may not have the complete answer to that question, I, as a member of this group, can offer one piece of advice on how to avoid losing viewers (or me, at least): stop canceling the shows that I want to watch, such as Futurama, Firefly, Family Guy1 and Andy Richter Controls the Universe. Oh, and show more Law and Order. I can never seem to find that playing.

UPDATE: NBC is set to address that problem: 'Law and Order' channel mulled.

1While at first, I thought Family Guy was merely a bad ripoff of the Simpsons, I've come to appreciate it in reruns. It is obviously heavily influenced by The Simpsons, but still unique. And funny.

Posted by Andrew Raff at November 25, 2003 07:52 PM
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