Looking ahead

January 7, 2004

So, this is 2004. Here are some of my goals (one could call them resolutions, if so inclined) for this year:

1. Write more.
I was not happy with the exams I wrote this semester (even though I have yet to check for grades.) Since I am a deliberate (read: slow) writer, I need as much practice as I can get in order to be able to get into a groove. This is for serious academic writing, blog posts and songs.

2. Find a summer job.
This is pretty self-explanatory.

3. Play more music.
I did not play nearly enough last year. I need to find some new musicians to play with and bounce ideas off of.

4. Be more social.
When living alone, it can be too easy to become a bit of a hermit. That is not good for sanity or productivity. Also, this is useful for figuring out goal number 2.

Posted by Andrew Raff at January 7, 2004 11:12 PM
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