Raising the bar

March 15, 2004

De Novo is a new blog that reunites most of the group from En Banc. De Novo stands out from the rest of the crowd by starting a series of symposia. The first symposium, on "Thinking Like a Lawyer" features contributions from Howard Bashman, Prof. Douglas Berman, Prof. Lawrence Solum and Prof. Eugene Volokh. Good stuff.

Also launching today is The Gadflyer, a new progressive Internet magazine. :The Gadflyer will be unabashedly progressive, but not doctrinaire; pugnacious, but not shrill; lively and entertaining, but substantive."

I'm in the process of revising the blogroll here, but migrating the list from a list to a set of entries in Movable Type is going slowly.

Posted by Andrew Raff at March 15, 2004 01:28 PM
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