First Skate

March 28, 2004

This afternoon, I broke out the skates for the first time this year. (In contrast, last year's first skate happened during a warm spell in February.)

Last night, in conversation, I mentioned how little I know of the geography of Brooklyn north of the Manhattan Bridge. Perhaps because of inspiration from photos taken on the Satan's Laundromat walking tour of Vinegar Hill, I decided to skate along the Brooklyn Navy Yard up towards the Williamsburg Bridge, then over the Williamsburg Bridge, and back to Brooklyn over the Mahnattan Bridge. The route is similar to Jake's Around the Navy Yard. This was a nice easy warm-up for an early spring day, albeit over streets that have not fully recovered from winter's potholes.

Skating this route provided me with a nice reminder of the diversity among the population of Brooklyn.

Posted by Andrew Raff at March 28, 2004 06:53 PM
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