Playoff Picks

April 7, 2004

Here we are: time to sit down with a box of matzah to watch Stanley Cup playoff games. These first-round series are difficult to pick, especially in the East, but that's not going to stop me. After all, I won our fantasy league playoffs.

Tampa Bay Lightning - New York Islanders
Even though the Islanders did well in the regular season series, the LIghting are too strong of a team. Tampa Bay in 5.

Boston Bruins - Montreal Canadiens
A team won't go deep into the playoffs without strong goaltending. Montreal will get a good performance from Theodore. For Boston Raycroft should be good enough so that the better team (Boston) wins. Boston in 7.

Philadelphia Flyers - New Jersey Devils
The Flyers owned the Devils at the end of the regular season but have not played well since. Brodeur will steal at least one game for the Devils and their experience counts. Devils in a nasty 7.

Toronto Maple Leafs - Ottawa Senators
7 games. Overtime. Everyone's a winner. Except for the team who loses game 7.

Detroit Red Wings - Nashville Predators
Remember Jiggy and the Ducks sweeping the Wings in the first round last year? So do all of the Wings. While Nashville has played Detroit well all year and Vokoun is playing well in goal for the Predators, Detroit is too good to lose this matchup. Detroit in 5. Maybe 6.

San Jose Sharks - St. Louis Blues
The Sharks are the second seed? Who even plays for the Sharks this year? Nabokov and San Jose over the Blues in 6.

Vancouver Canucks - Calgary Flames
Earlier in the season, I'd have gone with Vancouver hands down. Now, were I a compulsive better, I'd put my money on Kiprisoff over Cloutier, for one round. Calgary in 7.

Colorado Avalanche - Dallas Stars
The Avs should be playing much better, but they're still playing well enough to win at least one round. Unfortunately, they need to beat Marty Turco and Dallas. Colorado in 7.

Now, tell me why I'm wrong.

Posted by Andrew Raff at April 7, 2004 10:19 PM
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