Sit Down, Stand Up

May 3, 2004

I try to spend as little time as possible around the law school during finals time. Not only is it much more comfortable to sit in my comfy desk chair and listen to music over speakers than to sit in a wooden library chair1 and wear headphones, but I need to avoid the self-perpetuating torrent of stress that results from a critical mass of law students concentrated into one area. One major drawback is the utter lack of human contact and commiseration. chair_Herman_Miller_Aeron.jpg

Is it good that I am essentially a hermit these days?

1Here's one area where Fordham is far superior to Brooklyn: some of the study areas in the library include Aeron chairs, instead of only uncomfortable 1890-style wooden chairs. Of course you still have to deal with your colleagues' stress levels, but without the added fun of your ass going numb. I don't know how the other area schools stack up in terms of seating comfort, but I certainly miss my Aeron chair from work...

Posted by Andrew Raff at May 3, 2004 05:33 PM
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