August 24, 2004

I miss my Mac. You see, it got sick and was feeling very gray. Fortunately, even though the computer is out of warranty, enough other people have had this same problem that Apple is fixing the defect for free.

In the meantime, there are many other computers available here at AndewRaff.com World HQ, assuming that many equals two. Unfortunately, these other options are older and slower. Most importantly, neither of them run OS X, so using either one is a compromise. The classic Mac desktop is a bit older and somewhat slower. The Windows laptop features a barely connected 'R' key and takes forever to boot up. At least the Win2K system can run Firefox, which is preferable to Internet Explorer on OS 8.6. Neither offers inline spellcheck for web forms (which at least provides a convenient excuse for spelling errors...)

I have been using Bloglines for a news aggregator and it is very impressive. While I still prefer a local, native application to a web application, Bloglines is relatively speedy, accessible from any computer, and easily imported my subscription list. Now if there was only a way to synchronize a list of read articles with Net NewsWire...

Posted by Andrew Raff at August 24, 2004 11:03 PM
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